Advance notice for the 2015 Meeting

SVPCA 2015 will be held at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton starting Monday August 31st 2015 ­ and will run through Thursday the 3rd (talks).

The meeting will be preceeded by the 2015 Flugsaurier (about pterosaurs) meeting held the week before in Portsmouth (26th/27th/28th).

While this is HUGE advance warning this is surely a great opportunity for all local VP-ers to get involved/present their work and help out.

Please do start to spread the word and clear your diaries for these dates.


The Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy has been held in the UK, France or Ireland every year since 1953.

With no formal organisation, it is open to anyone with an interest in vertebrate palaeontology or comparative anatomy and has carried on from year to year because of the willingness of members of the community to volunteer to host meetings.

Details of previous years can be found here. This site was set up for the 2000 symposium in Portsmouth in 2000. I have collected material from previous years, going back as far as 1960. I'd like like to add more so that this site becomes an archive for previous years as well as giving information on future symposia.

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