Abstracts: Cambridge 1982
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Ad'A Bellairs & Susan E Evans
A triple tail regenerate in a gecko
Michael J Benton
Location and conservation of British fossil reptile sites
A A Bosma & A A Macdonald
A comparative anatomical study of the placenta in the Suina
David S Brown
Plesiosaur material from the Isle of Eigg
Eric Buffetaut
New discoveries of fossil vertebrates in the Mesozoic of Thailand
J Bugge
Cephalic arterial pattern in spiny pocket mice with special reference to their phylogenetic relationships and systematic position
Percy M Butler
Miocene African bats
Sandra D Chapman & Alan J Charig
Cataract blindness and dinosaur extinction
William Clemens
Cretaceous-Tertiary transition from a terrestrial viewpoint
M J Collins
Some comments on Didymaspis grindrodi
Lord Cranbrook
Evidence for post-glacial diminution of Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
Arthur R I Cruickshank
The Permo-Triassic faunas of the Ruhuhu Valley, Tanzania and a stratigraphical puzzle solved
P Dullemeljer
A holistic approach to the ecomorphology of Cichlid fishes of Lake Victoria
A Eastham
Some Late Pleistocene birds
L J Flynn
Palaeobiogeography of rhizomyid rodents and their dispersal from southern Asia to eastern Africa
R L E Ford
Problems concerning broken but ankylosed limb bones of rodents from the Oligocene
Nick C Fraser
Problematical archosaurs from the Late Triassic
Alan W. Gentry
The migration of Chalicotherium
J Griffith
Sub-Holostean fishes from Monte san Giorgio
DA Hooijer
A cryptic mastodont from the Pleistocene of Java
Christine M. Janis
Horn evolution in ruminants-an example of importance of fossils in phylogenetic reconstruction
K A Joysey
On the coelacanth air-bladder
Tom S Kemp
The relationships of mammals
Adrian M Lister
The evolution of the Elk
John A Long
The Late Devonian freshwater fishes from Mt Howitt, Victoria, Australia
John G Maisey
A Carboniferous hybodont shark from Kansas
Andrew R Milner
Branchiosaurs' and the testability of ontogenetic series
Richard T J Moody
The vertebrate fauna of the Cretaceous-Tertiary strata of N.E. Mali
David B Norman
Wealden ornithopod dinosaurs
EM Northcote
Some aspects of bird evolution
Colin Patterson
A marine Eocene ostariophysan fish
Lord Richard Percy
The hepatic circulation in lampreys
Robert Presley
The development of the mammalian auditory bulla
Alex Ritchie
Placoderm Pylloleptida from Australia and Scotland
K Scott & A J Stuart
Vertebrates of the Last Cold Stage (Devensian) in Britain
D G Senn
Embryonic patterns in the CNS of some amphibians and lungfishes
Don T J Smith
Do the modern sea turtles possess nasal or prefrental bones?
Timothy R. Smithson
Eoherpeton watsoni: A notchless anthracosaur?
Garth Underwood
Pragmatism and idealism in taxonomy
Bjarne Westergaard
Evolution of the mammalian dentition ontogeny
T S Westoll
Neuromasts, lateral lines and dermal bones