Abstracts: Leicester 1989
SVPCA - Platform presentation
R J Aldridge & Derek E G Briggs
Conodonts as chordates: the story so far
Nathalie Bardet
French mosasaurs $
Michael J Benton
A hatchling rhynchosaur and its heterochronic implications
Eric Buffetaut
A psittacosaurid dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Thailand
Angela D Buscalioni
The new specimen of Bernissartia fagesi from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain (Crocodylomorpha, Neosuchia)
D Cannatella
Relationships of early fossil tetrapods
R L Carroll
Hupehsuchus, an enigmatic aquatic reptile from the Mid-Triassic of China
A Chadwick & A J Davis
The micro-architecture of plesiosaur ribs: what light does it show on how they swam?
A P Cripps
A new Moroccan mitrate and the search for the sister group of the Craniata $
Arthur R I Cruickshank
News about Lower Jurassic plesiosaurs
Paul Daley
An unusual spined cornute (stem-chordate) from the Lowest Ordovician of Shropshire $
D Charles Deeming
Morphometric analysis of embryos of extant crocodilians: a means of studying 'embryonic' dinosaurs $
Susan E Evans
Cteniogenys (Reptilia: Diapsida): new material and a reassessment of its phylogenetic position
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey
Osteodermal patterns in early tetrapods and their functional significance
J Gál
The comparative dorsoventral mobility of the lumbosacral spine and pelvic girdle of mammals $
Brian G Gardiner
Mammals and birds revisited
Alan W. Gentry
Miocene ruminants of Pasalar, Turkey
L B Halstead
Plesiosaur swimming
Paul J B Hart
Jaw size and prey selection in fish
P W H Holland
The origin of the chordates: what use is a molecular approach? $
Stephen Hutt
New theropod dinosaur finds from the Wealden of the Isle of Wight
Philippe Janvier
Strange Devonian sharks from Bolivia
Richard P S Jefferies
Chinianocarpos thorali - the most primitive craniate known
K A Kermack & D M Kermack
Mesozoic vertebrates from fissures in South Wales
Gillian M King
Was Lystrosaurus really aquatic?
Paul Lambers
New fishes from Solnhofen, Germany, and Cerin, France
Jean Le Loeuff
Unusual theropods in the Late Cretaceous from Europe
Theagarten Lingham-Soliar
The dynamics of mosasaur locomotion $
David M Martill
There's an ichthyosaur in my soup!
David M Martill & David M Unwin
Extraordinary preservation of a pterosaur wing membrane from the Mid-Cretaceous of Brazil
Jean-Michel Mazin
The Triassic marine reptile faunas of Israel and Egypt
Chang Mee-mann
Diabolepis, a lungfish
Norbert Micklich
Percoid fishes of the Messel Oishale Formation
Andrew R Milner
Temnospondyl relationships and evolution: an overview
Angela C Milner
The relationships of loxommatid amphibians
N Nightingale
a showing of the video 'Putting flesh on bones', an episode from the BBC TV series 'Lost worlds - vanished lives' presented by Sir David Attenborough, including animated ichthyosaurs and a flying reconstruction of Quetzalcoatlus
David B Norman
An update on Romanian dinosaurs
Colin Patterson
How the rabbit-fish got its teeth
D S Peters
A fossil bird from Messel with peculiar osteological features
Giovanni Pinna
Ecology of armoured placodonts
Francisco J Poyato-Ariza
Two morphotypes of Rubiesichthys, an Early Cretaceous teleostean fish from Spain $
Robert Presley
The atlas, axis and occiput in mammals
R E H Reid
Bone histology of the theropod dinosaur Allosaurus fragilis
Keith S Thomson
The biology of early lungfishes
R F Vaughan
The Hornsleasow Dinosaur Excavation and Sieving Project
Zhu Yanglong
The first study of captorhinomorphs discovered in China