Abstracts: Milton Keynes 1990
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Per Erik Ahlberg
Jaws and feeding in porolepiforme fishes
Natasha N Bakhurina
New pterosaur remains from the continental early Lower Cretaceous of Central Mongolia
Michael J Benton
The causes of diversification of tetrapods
Brian Boneham
Dinosaur hunting in the Bathonian
David S Brown & J Keen
Marine vertebrates from the Kellaways Sands of Lincolnshire
Eric Buffetaut
Late Cretaceous titanosaurid graveyards of the Upper Aude Valley (S France)
Percy M Butler
Another look at the Jurassic mammal Amphitherium
G Chancellor
A new specimen of Liopleurodon (Pliosauridae) from the Oxford Clay of England
C Cirot
The postcranial skeleton of Amphicynodon, a primitive carnivore of the Lower Oligocene Quercy phosphorites
Richard Cloutier
Sarcopterygian interrelationships and the use of basal taxa
Arthur R I Cruickshank et al
Cat scans, pitot tubes and plesiosaurs
Christopher J Duffin
A new neoselachian shark from Osteno (Lombardy)
Susan E Evans & Andrew R Milner
The Upper Jurassic reptile Lisboasaurus estei revisited
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey
Hic Messel hic Salta: Leptictidiums locomotion, a palaeonto - logical puzzle
J Gál
Spinal biomechanics of aquatic and terrestrial mammals
L B Halstead
The future of the Natural History Museum
G Hazelhurst
The flight characteristics of the pterosaurs
Philippe Janvier
New Lower Devonian antiarchs from Vietnam
Richard P S Jefferies
The origin of the tunicates
Gillian M King
If Lystrosaurus did not swim, what did it do?
A Kitchener
Adventures in Wonderland: what did the Dodo really look like?
James R Lamb
The functional morphology of the mosasaur middle ear
Paul Lambers
The fish genus Gyrodus from Solnhofen
Phillip L Manning
New dinosaur finds from the Isle of Wight
David M Martill
Postmortem biommeralization
Jean-Michel Mazin & Giovanni Pinna
Palaeoecology of armoured placodonts
Robert Presley
Nerves and vessels on the primitive mammalian petrosal
Martha Richter
Permian fishes from the Parana Basin of Brazil
Tony R A Thulbom
New dinosaur tracks from Australia
David M Unwin
A tangled tale of taxonomy and toothless pterosaurs: is Pteranodon a junior synonym of Ornithostoma?
M Wilkinson
A radically divergent caecilian (Amphibia: Gymnophiona): anatomy and evolution
Stan Wood
A Scottish MORS site