Abstracts: Bristol 1992
SPPC - Platform presentation
Caroline Buttler
The conservation of the Sedgwick Museum Quaternary Hippopotamus skeleton
Jane B Clarke
Authigenic minerals within vertebrate fossils from the Wealden, Isle of WighL
Chris Collins
Helping with the jigsaw! How preparators can help conservators
Lorraine Cornish
Rubbers, resins and replicating Baryonyx
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey
Messel crocs - excavation, preparation and display
David Hill
A review of preparation techniques used in the Geology Conservation Lab at Bristol Museurm
David Hill
Preparation, art or science?
William Lindsay
Westlothiana: seeking evidence for the earliest amniote
Richard J Twitchett
Preparation of the A303 ophthalmosaur
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Per Erik Ahlberg & Ervins Luksevics
Ventastega curonica a new Devonian tetrapod from Latvia
Augusto Azzaroli
Forest Bed elks and giant deer revisited
Véronique Bairiel & Edith Cirot
The phylogeny of Aictoidea (Carnivora): comparison of some morphological and molecular data
Natasha N Bakhurina
An unusual vertebrate fauna from the Karabastau Fm. Upper Jurassic) of Karatau, Kazakhstan
Nathalie Bardet
Niels Bonde
Late triassic continental vertebrate fauna of East Greenland
David S Brown
Cheek structure and anterior cervical vertebrae in the Plesiosauroidea
Eric Buffetaut & Haiyan Tong
Peter R Crowther
Recent developments at Bristol City Museum
Arthur R I Cruickshank
A juvenile plesiosaur (Plesiosauria: Reptilia) from the Lower Lias (Hettangian: Lower Jurassic) of Lyme Regis, England: a plesiosauroid - pliosauroid intermediate?
Gilles Cuny
Faunal turnover at the end of the triassic: French data
Paul G Davis
Taphonomy of birds
D Charles Deeming
Morphometric analysis of small ichthyosaurs- definitions of embryos
Susan E Evans
Solnhofen lizards revisited
Peter L Forey
Agonies over agnathans
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & Jürgen Riess
A lightweight in action - pterosaur's wing mechanics
Brian G Gardiner
Mammals and birds - sister groups?
Tim Hamley
Tails and tales of bipedal reptiIes
Jean-Louis Hartenberger et al
Eocene rodents from North Africa
Jerry J Hooker
The beginning of the equoid radiation
Axel Hungerbühler
Early stages in ontogeny of the ichthyosaur Stenopterygius quadriscissus from the Lower Jurassic of Germany
Richard P S Jefferies
Developmental genetics and the calcichordates
Sara Kinzett-Whitley
0-60 mph suggestions on sauropod speeds
Omar J Liñares
Late Miocene vertebrates from northwestern Venezuela: implication for the Orinoco River paleo-drainage
Theagarten Lingham-Soliar
Bipedal dinosaur trackways in Chewore, northern Zimbabwe
John A Long
New discoveries of Late Devonian fishes from Gogo, Western Australia
J Macquaker
Bone-beds as palaeoenvironmental indicators
John G Martin
The art of palaeontological reconstruction - is it art? is it science?
Paul Mazza & Maico Rustioni
The phylogeny of the genus Ursus in Eurasia
Chris McGowan
Ichthyosaurs: new finds, new interpretations
Robert Presley
Fish head cavities and new views on head segmentation
Jeremy M V Rayner
How simllar are modern and Mesozoic flying vertebrates?
Russell Savage
The first mermaid
David Scarboro
A dinosaur footprint site from East Sussex
Rainer R Schoch
Ossification events in Permian branchiosaurs
Michael J Simms
Vertebrate preservation in Karst terrains
Glenn W Storrs
Pachystropheus rhaeticus (?Neodiapsida, ?Choristodera) from southwest Britain
Pascal Tassy
Early Miocene elephantoids, parsimony, and stratigraphical gaps
Michael A Taylor
The plesiosaur’s birthplace: Bristol Museum and 19th century palaeontology
Tony R A Thulborn
Dinosaur polyphyly revisited
Susan Turner
IGCP 328 workshop: international co-operation on Palaeozoic fish microremains
David M Unwin
Pterosaur phylogeny and evolutionary history
Paul Upchurch
Origin and evolution of sauropod dinosaurs
Michael Waldman
Middle Jurassic vertebrates from the Isle of Skye
Mark Willkinson
Permutation tests of tetrapod phylogenies