Abstracts: Cambridge 1993
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Per Erik Ahlberg
Some thoughts on the sarcopterygian intracranial joint
Nicholas Arnold
Investigating the tyranny of history: different origins of lizard sand-diving modifications
Natasha N Bakhurina
Phobetoropter - a dsungaripterid pterosaur from the early Lower Cretaceous of Western Mongolia
Natasha N Bakhurina et al
The pterosaur flight apparatus: structure, function and evolutionary significance
Nathalie Bardet & David S Brown
Eretmosaurus rugosus (Plesiosauria) from the Sinemurian of England: the earliest elasmosaur
Michael J Benton & Glenn W Storrs
Comparing cladistic phylogenies and stratigraphy
Eric Buffetaut
A Late Jurassic omithomimosaur from Thailand and the origin of ostrich dinosaurs
Percy M Butler
Haramyids: what were they? The bearing of tooth patterns on the origin of mammals
Alan J Charig
Scelidosaurus and its implications for dinosaurian synapomorphies, basal bipedality and monophyly
Pascal Chevret
Morphological versus molecular phylogeny of murine rodents
Jennifer A Clack
Yet more on the stapes and braincase of Acanthostega gunnari
Michael I Coates
The postcranial anatomy of Acanthostega gunnad
Liz Cook
The taphonomy of a Lower Cretaceous vertebrate-bearing clay horizon from Sussex
Arthur R I Cruickshank
A Lower Cretaceous pliosaurid from South Africa rediscovered
Paul G Davis
The taphonomy of feathers
Susan E Evans
The Upper Jurassic lizard Euposaurus: a reassessment
Peter L Forey
Recent and fossil agnatha: the dilemma of missing data
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & Bernd Herkner
High Walk - two constructions, two ways: II- the archosaurian principle
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & Bernd Herkner
High Walk - two constructions, two ways: I - the synapsid principle
David J Gower
Morphology and relationships of the earliest archosaurs
Peter Griffiths
The question of Compsognathus eggs
Tim Hamley & Tony R A Thulborn
Temporal fenestration and amniote phylogeny
Stéphane Hua & Michel Martin
A new complete skeleton of Machimosaurus mosae Sauvage & Leanard 1879
Axel Hungerbühler
Phytosaurs - a clue to palaeoenvironmental reconstructions of the German Keuper Formation?
Philippe Janvier
New information on the structure of galeaspids with remarks on thelodonts
Richard P S Jefferies
A morphogen model for the origin of asymmetry and bilateral symmetry in chordates
Gillian M King
Palaeoecology of the Early triassic in South Africa
Michael King
A reappraisal of some triassic vertebrate footprint forms
Oleg Lebedev
The morphology, evolution and relationships of the enigmatic Palaeozoic chondrichthyan groups, protacrodonts and orodonts
Michael S.Y. Lee
Pareiasaur paraphyly
Theagarten Lingham-Soliar
New perspectives in plesiosaur locomotion
Makoto Manabe
Morphometry of ichthyosaurs
David M Martill
New finds in the Santana and Crato Formations of Brazil
Paul Mazza & Maico Rustioni
Eco-ethological influences on the primitive artiodactyls from the Miocene site of Scontone, National Park of Abruzzi, central Italy
S Metcalf
Vertebrate occurrences within marine carbonates of the Northern Cotswolds
I Michelis
A new Callovian vertebrate fauna from Northern Germany
Norbert Micklich
Scales, bones and other ways to be puzzled about Eocene fish
Andrew R Milner & Sandra E K Sequeira
Where do temnospondyls begin?
Colin Patterson
The intermuscular system of teleost fishes
Silvio Renesto
Palaeoecology and mode of life of the armoured placodont Psephodenna alpinum Meyer.
P Martin Sander
The structural complexity of reptilian enamel: a survey
M Shiskin
A find of Gonwanan rhytidosteid (Amphibia: Temnospondyli) in the triassic of the Cis-Urals
Glenn W Storrs & Michael A Taylor
Anatomy of a plesiosaur skull from Street and its implications
K Tschanz
Vertebrates from the Prosanto Formation (Mid-triassic) of Switzerland
M Wilkinson
Speciational evolution in Sceloporus, a critique of cladistic tests of the mode of evolution