Abstracts: Le Havre 1994
SPPC - Platform presentation
Caroline Buttler
The Evolution of Wales
Steve Etches
Fishes of the Kimmeridge Clay
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & Susanne Henßen
Mounting the Rhynchosaurian Stenaulorhynchus or -The Correction of an Anatomical Disaster
Stephen Hutt
Preparation for the people
Katherine J Andrew
Conservation of a giant Irish Elk skull and antlers for Kendle Museum, an award winning project
Terry W Manning
Embryonic dinosaurs and their importance
John G Martin
Objects and Objectives
Richard J Twitchett
Important sites in Western Canada
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Gloria Arratia & Antonio de la Peña-Zarzuelo
About a new esocoid from the Tertiary of Spain and its relationships
Natasha N Bakhurina & David M Unwin
Hair in pterosaurs: do they have it and what does it mean?
Nathalie Bardet & Javier Pereda-Suberbiola
A marine turtle from the Upper Cretaceous of Touraine, France
Paul M Barrett & Paul Upchurch
Dietary adaptations of Diplodocus
Michael J Benton
Tetrapods of the Permo-Triassic of Eastern Europe
Michael J Benton & Michael A Taylor
The first dinosaur from Scotland: a ceratosaur from the Lower Jurassic of Skye
Eric Buffetaut
Theropod remains from the marine Jurassic of Normandy
Angela D Buscalioni & Francisco Ortega
The rapid evolution of Lisboasaurus: from lizard to archosaur, new evidences from the Lower Cretaceous of Las Hoyas (Cuenca, Spain)
Angela D Buscalioni et al
Multitoothed ornithomimosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain
Bruno Chanet
New data concerning fossil Bothidae
Liz Cook
Experimental fluvial taphonomy
Remi Cousin
Morphologie et morphometrie des coquilles doeufs de dinosaures du lieu de ponte de Rennes­-le-Château (Aude)
Gilles Cuny
Effect of the Rhaetian transgression upon the faunal turnover at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary in France
Justin B Delair
Discoveries of British fossil "crocodiles" (genuine and false) to 1840, with remarks on the stratigraphical distribution of Goniopholis (paper read by E. Buffetaut)
Christopher J Duffin
Neoselachian sharks from Holzmaden
Susan E Evans & Andrew R Milner
A metamorphosed salamander from the Lower Cretaceous of Las Hoyas, Spain
Susan E Evans
Lizards from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation of North America
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & David M Martill
The vertebrate palaeontology of the Crato Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Brazil)
Emmanuel Gheerbrant
The mammalian faunule from Laño, Maastrichtian of Spanish Basque Country
David J Gower
The erythrosuchid tarsus - Morphology and phylogenetic implications
Daniel Grange
Kimmeridgian (Upper Jurassic) metriorhynchid crocodiles from England
Pierre Hantzpergue et al
Discovery of probelmatic vertebrate foot-prints and tracks in the Tithonian of Quercy (France)
Bernd Herkner
Crossopterygians fins - Function and evolution
Lucy Hillman & David M Unwin
The taphonomy of Rhamphorhychus, a primitive, long-tailed pterosau rfrom the Upper Jurassic Solnhofen Limestone of Germany
Stéphane Hua
Morphofunctional analysis of living osteichthyans in palaeoecological reconstruction of Metriorhynchidae (Crocodylia, Thalattosuchia)
Axel Hungerbühler
Scavenging on a prosauropod carcass from the Upper Triassic of Germany
Adrian Hunt et al
Dinosaur tracks and sedimentary environments
Stephen Hutt & Penny Newbery
Excavating a sauropod dinosaur from the isle of Wight
Philippe Janvier
First Devonian placoderm from the Indochina block.
Michael King
Triassic vertebrate footprints; new discoveries from north-west England
Natasha Krupina & Robert R. Reisz
The skull and tooth system construction of Orlovichthys limnatus, a a Late Devonian dipnoan from Russia
Paul Lambers
Phylogeny of halecostomes and the tail anatomy of teleosts
Jean Le Loeuff
French hadrosaurids
John G Maisey
Trophic organisation within Mesozoic fish communities
Makoto Manabe
Heterochrony in the evolution of the ichthyosaurs
Terry W Manning
Dinosaur embryo project: 1988-1994
Michel Martin
Tertiary lepidosirenids from Brazil
Angela C Milner
An ornithopod dinosaur from Antarctica and its implications for Cretaceous palaeobiogeography
Igor V Novikov & Michael A Shishkin
Relic anthracosaur amphibians in early Mesozoic of Eastern Europe
Francisco Ortega
On the palatal anatomy of crocodiles: the case of Notosuchus (Upper Cretaceous, Argentina)
Altangerel Perle & David M Unwin
Death by Zibar? a possible explanation for the "fighting dinosaurs" from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia
Silvio Renesto
Climbing reptiles from the Late Triassic of Northern Italy
Eliza Ross & David M Unwin
How good is the fossil record of birds?
Richard J Twitchett
Biology and ecology of the Wealden ornithopod Valdosazinis canaliculatus
Anette Vedding Kristoffersen
Reflections on the diversity and ecology of birds from the Paleocene/Eocene Fur Formation, Denmark
Joanna Wright
Sedimentology, taphonomy and palaeoenvironments of the fossil trackways of the Newark Supergroup, North America
SVPCA - Poster
Anne-Marie Bacon & Marc Godinot
The Adapis from Quercy: The contribution of the study of the hindlimb to the reconstruction of locomotor mode and to systematics
Laurent Barbieri
Permo-Triassic reptiles from Madagascar
Sven Baszio
Dinosaur palaeoecology in South Alberta
Lionel Cavin
Evolutionary level of some fish communities from the Cretaceous and Palaeocene
Marta Fernandez & Zulma Gaspajuni
Bajocian marine reptiles from the Neuquén Basin
Aurora Grandal d’Anglade
Cave bear morphometrics
Peter Griffiths
A new reconstruction of the French Compsognathus
Eva Maria Grout
A closer look at some "well known" Mesozoic skates and rays
Richard P Hammond
Euparkeria model.
Susanne Henßen & Ulrich Zeidler
Was Velociraptor feathered ? An unconventional reconstruction
Ella Hoch
Oligocene whales from Denmark
Valerie Martin
Baby sauropods from Thailand
Javier Pereda-Suberbiola
Armoured dinosaurs from Europe
Michael Rauhe & Torsten Rossmann
News about crocodiles of the Middle Eocene from Messel &Geiseltal (Germany)
Haiyan Tong
Jurassic turtles from Thailand
Susan Turner & Sally V T Young
Ichthyolith issues and the work of IGCP 328
Sally V T Young
Micro-remains from Early and Middle Devonian acanthodian fishes from U.K. and their biostratigraphic possibilities