Abstracts: Bournemouth 1998
SPPC - Platform presentation
Adrian Brokenshire
Sorting fossils from sedeiments-practical Workshop, and Discussion
Alan Dawn
The Deeping Elephant-excavation & conservation
Adrian M Doyle
Moving an elephant
Steve Etches
Extracting and preparing fossils-practical workshop
Michaela Forthuber
Casting the recently Dead
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & Rene Kastner
Rock cutting in the High Andes: a backpacker's generator, lecture and demonstration
David Gray
Myth or Monster the Komodo dragon
Sabine Gwosdek & Eric Milsom
Attempts on Oilshale Preservation
Jutta Hussen
Sediment-transfer preparations with different resins in the Permian of Germany
Penny Hutt & Stephen Hutt
A new small Theropod Dinosaur from the Isle of Wight
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Per Erik Ahlberg & Jennifer A Clack
A reinterpretation of the braincase ofIchihyostega
Per Erik Ahlberg
How the teleost got its tail
Fabiola Barahona & José-Antonio Mateo
Fossil and subfossil reptiles from the Macaronesian Region
Paul M Barrett
Dinosaur-Angiosperm coevolution revisited
Michael J Benton et al
Dinosaurs from the Mid-Cretaceous of Tunisia
Elizabeth Biber
Rabbit-deer and dog- bear; excavating Bavaria's Tertiary past
Jean-Paul Billon- Bruyat
A strange didactyl trackway from the Tithonian of Crayssec (south western France)
Magdalena Borsuk- Bialynicka & Susan E Evans
An early Triassic microvertebrate assemblage from Poland
Marie-Celine Buchy et al
New occurence about pterosaurian stance and gait from the trackways of Crayssac (Tithonian, France)
Eric Buffetaut
A new crested pterosaur from the Kimmeridgian of Normandy
Michael I Coates & Sandra E K Sequeira
Stethacanthus: braincases and ironing boards
Arthur R I Cruickshank
Heterochrony and the evolution of the Plesiosauria
Gilles Cuny
Enigmatic Upper Triassic shark teeth
Paul G Davis & David M Martill
Do dinosaurs come up to scratch?
Ben Edwards
Procolophonids and other Triassic reptiles from South Wales
Jörg Erfurt & Jörg Habersetzer
The basipodium ofAnthracobunodon weigelti(Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from the middle Eocene Geiseltal near Halle (Germany)
Mark Evans
Oxford Clay Plesiosaurs; the necks generation
Peter L Forey
A new fish fauna from Lebanon
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & David M Martill
The pterosaur predicted by the toy industry
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & Steve Salisbury
Locomotion of metriorhynchid crocodilians - 'no gallop' is the only consensus
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & John G Martin
M Michelin's sauropods: pneumastics of necks
M Gayet & Olga Otero
Phylogeny of the fish family Latidae (Teleostii, Perciformes)
David J Gower
Braincases, bird origins and homology assessment
Donald M Henderson & David M Unwin
I don't believe it! Another paper on the terrestrial locomotion of pterosaurs
Donald M Henderson
Kinematics of terrestrial locomotion in a pterosaur: a computational analysis
Rebecca Hitchin
Phylogeny of the Semionotiform fishes (Pices; Actinopterygii)
Axel Hungerbühler
Aspects of the cranial anatomy of the phytosaurMystriosuchus
Penny Hutt & Stephen Hutt
A new small theropod dinosaur from the Isle of Wight
Jonathan E Jeffery
Rhizodonts: still big and dead
Ian Jenkins
Cranial adaptations to carnivory during the mid-late Permian, in the early therocephalian families Lycosuchidae and Scylacosauridae
Simone Klutzny
Comparative anatomy of the orbito-temporal region of embryonic mammals
Annette Kristoffersen
Avian remains from early Tertiary deposits of Denmark
John G Maisey
The Colombian connection; Gondwana and Western Tethys
Michel Martin
Paleontological species and living species: the contribution of the comparative anatomy of Qadids (Teleosts)
Chris McGowan
Giant ichthyosaurs of the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic
Colin R McHenry
Cretaceous short-necked Plesiosaurs
Darren Naish
The diversity of small theropods within the Wealden Group rocks (Lower Cretaceous) of England
Leslie F Noé
Cranial anatomy of the Callovian (latest Middle Jurassic) Pliosaurs
David B Norman
Probactrosaurus and the origin of hadrosaurs
Oliver W Rauhut
Elaphrosaurus bainbergiand the early evolution of theropod dinosaurs
Torsten Rossmann
Upper Jurassic ardeosaurids (Squamata) are scincomorphans not gekkotans
Steve Salisbury
The long-lost crocodile of Mr Willet
Richard J Twitchett
New insights into the PermoTriassic fish fauna of East Greenland
Paul Upchurch
Drifting continents and dinosaur cladograms: biogeographic patterns in the Mesozoic
Eleanor M Weston
Hippos, ontogeny and evolution
Derek Yalden
British Mammals lost in the gap between zoology, palaeontology and archaeology