Abstracts: Edinburgh 1999
SPPC - Platform presentation
Neil D L Clark
CT and MRI of a mouldic fossil
Paul G Davis
16 museums, 1 man and his computer
Adrian M Doyle
Environment and microclimate
Michaela Forthuber
Grasping the past
David Gray
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Paul M Barrett & Gillian M King
Evolution of the amniote jaw joint
Paul M Barrett & Makoto Manabe
Dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous Tetori group of Central Japan
Michael J Benton
Thecodontosaurus and the evolution of prosauropod dinosaurs
Jean-Paul Billon-Bruyat
Theropod dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic lithographic limestones of Europe: an unexpected biodiversity revealed by Crayssac trackways Cfithonian, SW France)
B Blessed
An Upper Triassic cave deposit: ancient cave taphonomy
David S Brown
Hugh Miller's Plesiosaur from the Isle of Eigg
Eric Buffetaut
Birds of the same feather,GastornisandDiatryma
Eric Buffetaut et al
Freshwater hybodont sharks from the Cretaceous of Thailand
Robert K Carr
Reanalysis ofHomostius
V Carrió Lluesma
The making ofBeginnings
Neil D L Clark
The Elgin marvel - Dicynodon
Arthur R I Cruickshank et al
In ovo tooth replacement in a therezinodontid dinosaur
Gareth J Dyke
Fossil birds from the London Clay
Jörg Erfurt
3-D reconstruction of artiodactyls and perissodactyls of the Eocene Geiseltal in Germany
Ewan Fordyce
Oligocene squalodontid dolphins
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & David M Martill
The hind leg of a pterosaur
Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey et al
Cranial structure of the theropod dinosaurIrritator challengeri
Donald M Henderson
Biomechanics of walking theropod dinosaurs
Susanne Henßen
Tapejara imperator, an incredible fossil skull, caused an even more incredible model
Bernd Herkner
Hydraulic stabilization of the vertebral column and the bracing systems of early tetrapods
Norihisa Inuzuka
Comparative morphology of the primitive desmostyliansAshoroaandBehemotops
Christine M. Janis
Atmospheric carbon dioxide and the evolution of herbivorous mammals
Richard P S Jefferies
Peltocystis- the most primitive tunicate known
Ian Jenkins
Evolutionary patterns in Permian carnivorous synapsids
Zerina A Johansson
Unusual sarcopterygian shoulder girdle from the late Devonian of Australia
Max C Langer
Heterochrony and the evolution of rhynchosaur dentition
Ian Macadie
New Zealand Lower Devonian vertebrates
Paul F A Maderson
A new approach to the problem of the evolutionary origin of feathers
John G Maisey
Malvinokaffric sharks
Jeremy E Martin
Update on the Jones-Fenleigh Fund
Paul Mazza & Maico Rustioni
Taphonomic analysis of Tapirus arvernensis remains from the Lower Vadarno (Tuscany, Central Italy)
Angela C Milner
An update on spinosaurs
Andrew R Milner
A new reptile skull from the Middle Triassic otter Sandstone of Devon
K Monsch
Combining data of recent and fossil taxa in phylogenetic analyses: the story of scombroid fishes so far
Darren Naish
A brief history of treeclinibing theropod dinosaurs
Sally Neininger
Dermal bone from fish to tetrapods, what can it tell us?
Leslie F Noé
"Tarlo's Contention" and its bearing on Kimmeridgian (Upper Jurassic) pliosaur taxonomy
P David Polly
Skull ofViverravusand the early radiation of Carnivora
Emily J Rayfield
Stress distribution within the skull of a biting Allosaurus fragitis
Oliver Rieppel
The phylogeny and historical biogeography of cyamodontoid placodonts
Alex Ritchie
Australian Upper Devonian vertebrates
Kent A Stevens
Some principles underlying the design of sauropod necks
Keith S Thomson
The choana inEusthenopteron, again
Susan Turner
Not supposed to be there - Lower Carboniferous tetrapod-bearing fauna in central Queensland
David M Unwin
Size matters:the case of the giant Spanish dragon
Paul Upchurch
The early stages of sauropodomorph evolution
Michael Waldman
A Middle Jurassic crocodile from the Isle of Skye
Stig. A Walsh
A new Neogene marine avian assemblage from North Central Chile
Eleanor M Weston
Ontogeny and the evolution of body size in hippos
D Wharton
Trends in the evolution of the brain and braincase in the Theropoda
M Wilkinson
Pterosaur flight performance
Stan Wood
Discovery of the largest known Palaeozoic elasmobranch