Abstracts: Portsmouth 2000
SPPC - Platform presentation
Lorraine Cornish
Cleaning fossil material with Lasers
Adrian M Doyle
Managing a barrier film 'microclimate enclosure'
Michaela Forthuber
Skeleton in the cupboard: using dermestid beetles for cleaning bones.
David Gray
One solution to producing a replica of a large specimen on display in the Natural History Museum
Sabine Gwosdek & Eric Milsom
New technology to reveal the past
Juliet Hay
Dinosaur trackways in Oxfordshire
Norbert Micklich
Messel pit: Research excavations in a World Heritage Monument
SVPCA - Platform presentation
M S Arkhangelsky
Ichthyosaurs of the Volga region (Russia)
M J Barker et al
The dinosaur and the snail
M J Barker et al
An enigmatic new coelurosaurian theropod from the Early Cretaceous of the Isle of Wight
Paul M Barrett & Jane B Clarke
A helodermatid-like lizard from the basal Cretaceous of England
Michael J Benton
The PhyloCode - look out
Bethany Boisvert et al
Evolution of pacing locomotion in camelids
Suzanne Brett et al
A complete Hybodont shark from the Lower Triassic of Greenland
Marie-Celine Buchy et al
Pterosaurs, flying machines and the first living bottom deckers in the world
Eric Buffetaut
Triassic sauropods from Thailand
Percy M Butler
Another look at haramiyids
Lionel Cavin et al
New data on Upper Cretaceous fishes from the Trieste-Komen Plateau (Slovenia)
Per Christiansen
Speed and appendicular anatomy in mammals
Michael I Coates et al
A reassessment of the tetrapod Caerorhachis bairdi from the Lower Carboniferous of Scotland
Michael I Coates et al
Embryonic heterochrony in tetrapod phylogeny
M J Collins et al
Stable isotopes and dinosaur physiology: Reassessing the data.
Z Csiki et al
A new dinosaur from Transylvania
Paul G Davis
Fun with dinosaur fluff: Interpreting Mesozoic feathers
Gareth J Dyke
Protornis and the concept of 'centres of origin' in Tertiary palaeornithology
Susan E Evans
The Lower Triassic 'lizard' Colubrifer : a reassessment
Mark Evans
The cheek of it: The skull of the plesiosaur Muraenosaurus.. .revisited
Emmanuel Fara
The fossil record of Cretaceous vertebrates and the molecular challenge
Peter L Forey & Colin Patterson
Tomognathus - a Cretaceous rottweiler
Michael Gudo
Evolutionary history of shoulder girdles: implications from engineering morphology
Donald M Henderson
Show some backbone! Axial body mass distribution and differing supportstrategies in theropod and ornithopod dinosaurs.
George Iliopoulos
The Upper Miocene locality from Kerasia, Greece
Ian Jenkins
Gorgonopsid ecomorph niche filling after the P-Tr extinction by 'aeluromorph' moschorhinid therocephalians: a finite element approach
Max C Langer
Postcranial anatomy and the diagnosis of Dinosauria
Jeff J Liston & Leslie F Noé
The Leeds diaspora: a new unity?
Jeff J Liston
Makoto Manabe & Elizabeth L Nicholls
A 23 m ichthyosaur from the Upper Triassic of Canada
Phillip L Manning
New discoveries in the Yorkshire Jurassic
David M Martill & Lorna Steel
Internal helical reinforcing of the pterosaur wing skeleton
John G Martin
'Dodgy Fossils - the culture question'
Norbert Micklich
Ancient Lake Messel: Death Trap or Cradle of Species?
Angela C Milner
'Little and Large': theropods from the Purbeck
Leslie F Noé
Pachycostasaurus dawni , a Callovian pliosaur (Reptilia, Sauropterygia): is the new genus a juvenile?
Robert Presley
The current status of the Balfour-Goodrich head model.
Mark A Purnell
Patterns of tooth wear in aquatic vertebrates and the ecological and evolutionary implications
Emily J Rayfield
Muscles, mobility & jaws: more finite element analysis of theropod skulls
Robert R. Reisz
Patterns of amniote diversification during the Late Palaeozoic
Torsten Rossmann
Short review of the Middle Eocene (MP 13) lacertilian fauna from the fossillagersttte Geiseltal near Halle (Saale), Germany
Marcelo R Snchez-Villagra
New fossils and morphological data in the study of the phylogenetic relationships of South American marsupials
Kent A Stevens
Digital models of joint articulation
Garth Underwood
A history of snake retinas.
David M Unwin
Sharovipteryx: what can it tell us about the origin of pterosaurs
Gerardo V
Some functional aspects of the skull of the South American horned theropod Carnotaurus sastrei (Saurischia: Theropoda)
Stig. A Walsh
Big-chested birds- exciting new avian material from the Neogene of Chile
Adam M Yates
Wither Sauropoda? New data from a British 'Prosauropod'
SVPCA - Poster
Marie-Celine Buchy & Eberhard Dino Frey
Unknown coastal "oil mud" deposits & mass extinction in the Upper Poubellian (Recent) of Western Europe.
Marie-Celine Buchy & Eberhard Dino Frey
To be or not to be carinate - is that really the question? The Jaws IV experiment on tooth function
Sandra D Chapman et al
The first solemydid turtle skull from Europe: a specimen collected from the Early Cretaceous of the Isle of Wight
Gilles Cuny et al
The shark fauna from the Middle Triassic (Anisian) of North-Western Nevada
G Diopoulos
The Upper Miocene mammal fauna from Kezesie, Greece
Naoko Egi
Locomotor behaviour estimates for North American hyaenodontid creodonts based on limb bone dimensions
Naoko Egi et al
Preliminary report on Pondaung mammalian fauna (Eocene; central Myanmar)
Susan E Evans et al
Continents, carcasses, conifers and coprolites: documenting the Early Triassic
Michael Fastnacht et al
The flying crash test dummies - FEM analysis of pterosaur skulls
Sven Gemballa et al
Ontogenetic and phylogenetic transformations of the ear ossicles in marsupial mammals
Bent E Lindow
A cetothere-grade baleen whale from the Late Miocene of Denmark
G V Mazzetta
Some functional aspects of the skull of the South American horned theropod Carnotaurus sastrei (Saurischia: Theropoda)
Hannah O'Regan & A Turner
Pleistocene pantherine cats - problems of determination
Davide Pisani
Morphological, palaeontological & molecular data: in search of congruence
Jan Rees
Sharks in the Early Jurassic: focus on Scandinavia
Sarah Sangster
Anatomy, functional morphology & systematics of the early pterosaur Dimorphodon macronyx
Y Yabumoto
A new coelacanthid fish of the genus Mawsonia from Brazil
D Zhiming
On a new feathered Dinosaur from Northeastern China