Abstracts: Cambridge 2002
SPPC - Platform presentation
Elizabeth Biber
My beautiful Laudrette - preparation with tensides
Vicen Carrio & Suzie Stevenson
The making of the geology map of Scotland
Michaela Forthuber
A Virtual Tour of the Brunswick Museum
David Gray
The preparation of a new Iguanodon found in Surrey
Nigel R Larkin
Megafauna support versus adulteration
Ian Macadie
Preparation down under!
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Jonathan Ablett & David J Gower
Scale surface micro- ornamentation in some burrowing snakes
Per Erik Ahlberg et al
Investigations on Ichthyostega: A uniquely specialised ear in a very early tetrapod
Per Erik Ahlberg
Ventastega curonica and the continuing problem of tetrapod phylogeny
David Allen
Cladistic redescription of Terrestrisuchus and synonymy with Saltoposuchus
Matt Allinson
Gorgonopsian taxonomy and phylogeny
Robert J Asher et al
Discovery of continental mammals and other vertebrates of biogeographic significance in the Early Miocene of Venezuela
Carmela Barbera et al
New specimens of Stereosternum tumidum (Mesosauria) and notes on its palaeoecology
Paul M Barrett
Diet of the ostrich dinosaurs (ornithomimosauria)
Peter Bernstein
The canalis communicans and the inner ear of Latimeria Chalumnae
Jean-Renaud Boisserie
New hippopotamids from Chadian ancient hominid sites
Virginie Bouetel
Phylogenetic implications of skull structure and feeding behaviour in Balaenopterids (Cetacea: Mysticeti)
Brillon-Bruyat et al
The agility of theropod dinosaurs when turning: evidence from trackways from Crayssac, France
Richard G Bromley & Jesper Milan
One foot, many tracks: Experiments with undertrack formation in layered cement
Eric Buffetaut & Varavudh Suteethorn
Phuwiangosaurus and the relationships of the nemegtosaurid sauropods
Percy M Butler
Middle Jurassic forerunners of multituberculates
Colette Cherry
Bone histology of the primitive dinosaur Thecodontosaurus antiquus
Anusuya Chinsamy (Starck)
Bone depositional rates of extinct and extant dinosaurs
William Clemens & Pamela Gill
Welsh fissure fauna diversity: how does Kuehneotherium fit in?
Michael I Coates et al
The Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian tetrapod Utegenia and the amniote stem-group
Mark Collard & Danielle Serdoz
Reliability of craniodental morphology in hominid phylogenetics
Ian Corfe & Laura K Saila
Questioning the tetrapod diversity of a Jurassic island, Glamorganshire
Ted Daeschler
Tristichopterid sarcopterygians from the Catskill Formation in Eastern North America
Gareth J Dyke
A new ornithurine bird from the Maastricht Formation of Belgium: was there a bottleneck in avian diversity at the end of the Cretaceous?
Daniel Elvidge & David M Unwin
Morphometrics, locomotor modules and the hindlimbs of pterosaurs
G Embery et al
Identification of proteinaceous material in the bone of the dinosaur Iguanodon
Susan E Evans
The early cretaceous fossil record of lizards
Michael Fastnacht
Thick bones in thin air: dsungaripterids in europe?
Peter L Forey
Response of ray-finned fishes during the breakup of Pangaea
Jillian Garvey & Warren Turner
Taphonomy and palaeoecology of the Tournaisian fossil fish locality Near Mansfield, Victoria, Australia
David J Gower & Mark Wilkinson
The caecilian phallus : a systematic tool?
Simon Harris
Boiling down the turtle soup
Craig A Hunn & Paul Upchurch
An analysis of dinosaur biogeography
Jürgen Kriwet
Late Cretaceous And Cenozoic fishes from the Southern Ocean
Fabrice Lihoreau
New species of the genus Microbunodon (Mammalia: Artiodactyla) from the Miocene of Pakistan: a phylogenetical review
Jeff J Liston
Leedsichthys: full frontal exposé
Annette Mahon
Truth and lies: estimating body size in mammals
Norbert Micklich
The fish fauna of Messel Pit: A nursery school?
Andrew R Milner & Sandra E K Sequeira
Branchiosaurs, larvae and metamorphosis
Inken Mueller-Towe
Comparison of Jurassic crocodiles from Holzmaden (SW Germany)
Darren Naish
Palaeopathologies in Neovenator; Europe's largest sauropod and more late news from the Isle of Wight
Hannah O'Regan
Large carnivores and Quaternary refugia
Jolyon C Parish
The evolution and palaeobiology of the armoured dinosaurs (ornithischia: ankylosauria)
Michael Parrish & Kent A Stevens
Rib angulation, scapulocoracoid position, and thoracic profiles in non-avian dinosaurs
Tamsin Rothery
An identity crisis for Acrosaurus frischmanni
Sarah Sangster
A functional interpretation of the hindlimb of Dimorphodon
Marco Signore
Mantids and dinosaurs: learning to fly
Keith Simmonds & Kent A Stevens
Digital reconstruction of the forelimb of a juvenile diplodocid from the Isle of Wight
Lauren Tucker
The Late Carboniferous tetrapod ichnofauna of Alveley, South Shropshire
Susan Turner & Anne Warren
Australian stem tetrapod
Stig. A Walsh
Taphonomy and genesis of the Neogene Bahia Inglesa Formation bonebed, Northern Chile
David M Waterhouse
A new charadriiform bird from the Lower-Middle Eocene Green River Formation of Wyoming and its implications on the phylogeny of the order
Eleanor M Weston
Allometry and sexual dimorphism in primates
Jeffrey A Wilson
Evolution of neck elongation in sauropod dinosaurs
Adam M Yates
The species taxonomy of the sauropodomorph dinosaurs from the Löwenstein Formation (Norian) of Germany
SPPC - Poster
Sandra D Chapman & Adrian M Doyle
The re-discovery of a lost holotype Stenopterygius acutirostris- its acquisition and conservation history
Jeff J Liston et al
Reeling in a big Jurassic fish
Roberta Quevedo Montesdeoca
What lies beneath the CAT scanner digital images? Part II. The application of the technique.structures likely to be compatible with a new dinosaur embryo discovery
SVPCA - Poster
Daniel Ackermann et al
Computer aided reconstruction of Anthracobunodon weigelti, Heller 1934 (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from the Eocene Geiseltal in Germany
Kate Anderson
Biting off more than they could chew
Niels Bonde et al
CT-Scan of Merycoidodontid Oreodonts
Nadine Boos et al
Ontogeny and the evolution of carpal elements in marsupial mammals
Marie-Celine Buchy et al
Solar panels of the Mesozoic
Barry Clarke
The origin of the anura: a re-interpretation
Sara de Vita & Marco Signore
A new pterosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of southern Italy
Patricio Dominguez-Alonso
A new pliosaur specimen found in the Lower Cretaceous beds of Villa de Leiva region, Colombia
Mark Evans
A first look at a new plesiosaur from the "Pleinsbachian gap" of England
Matt Friedman & John A Tarduno
Late Cretaceous fishes from the high Canadian arctic and their paleoenvironmental implications
Thomas Gafiner et al
Messel turtles ("Ocadia" sp.) with three-dimensionally preserved remains of the reproductive tract
George Iliopoulos
Bone invasion: Microbial focal destruction in late Miocene mammal bone
Suzanne Lee
A morphometric analysis of Thecodontosaurus
Bent E Lindow
Origin and evolution of various strategies for prey capture in baleen whales
Simon P Loader
Systematics of Scolecomorphidae (Amphibia: Gymnophiona)
Roberta Quevedo Montesdeoca
What lies beneath the CAT scanner digital images? Part I. A technical procedure for finding and locating a hidden embryo in a dinosaur egg
Giuliana Negro
On the value of hadrosaurian dinosaur skin in phylogenetic analysis
R Roth & F A Wittler
First Cenomanian ichthyosaur: records from N-W Germany
Brian Ruth
A morphometric analysis of the lizard pelvis
Marcelo R Sánchez-Villagra
Comparative patterns of postcranial ontogeny in Therian mammals: an analysis of relative timing of ossification events
Lorna Steel
A new Pterosaur from the early Cretaceous of the Isle of Wight
Steven C Sweetman
The microvertebrate palaeofauna of the early Cretaceous Wessex Formation of the Isle of Wight, southern England