Abstracts: Leicester 2004
SPPC - Platform presentation
Sandra D Chapman & David Gray
The History and Preparation of the Enigmatic Dinosaur ,Hylaeosaurus armatus. BMNH R 3375
Adrian M Doyle
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Palaeontology
Tim J Fedak
Improving consolidant effectiveness: A capillarity based method for evaluating and monitoring consolidant concentration
Sarah Finney & Leslie F Noé
The dismantling and cleaning of the Sedgwick Museum's Iguanodon
James Fletcher
The split - V, assessing a new tool for palaeontological preparation
Emily Hodgkinson et al
Curation history and mineralisation of highly degraded pyrite fossil collection
Susan Martin
Mineralisation of highly degraded pyrite fossil collection
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Daniel Ackermann et al
3D models of an Ancient Environment - the Eocene Geiseltal as a case study
Calum Adams et al
A new dicynodont from the Upper Permian (Tartarian) of northern Scotland
Per Erik Ahlberg & Ervins Luksevics
New light on the Devonian tetrapod Ventastega curonica
Per Erik Ahlberg et al
A new tetrapod taxon from the Devonian of East Greenland
Nicholas Arnold
The varying lability of morphological traits: recognition, causes and consequences
Robert J Asher
Why molecular biology is important for paleontologists, and vice-versa: examples from the "Insectivora"
David Baines et al
Tooth microwear as a tool for investigating the trophic ecology of fossil fishes: an experimental analysis of sticklebacks
Carmela Barbera et al
Chometokadmon and the early Cretaceous lizard assemblage of Pietraroia, Italy
Paul M Barrett
The `Extant Phylogenetic Bracket' (EPB): a panacea for palaeobiological reconstruction?
K Christopher Beard et al
A new assemblage of dichobunid artiodactyls from Shanghuang (middle Eocene, Eastern China): implications in the emergence of the selenodont grade in Asia
Michael J Benton et al
Ecosystem remodelling among vertebrates at the Permo-Triassic boundary in Russia
Jean-Paul Billon-Bruyat & Daniel Marty
A new coastal reptilian fauna from the Kimmeridgian of northwestern Switzerland
Jean-Paul Billon-Bruyat & Daniel Marty
A new coastal reptilian fauna from the Kimmeridgian of northwestern Switzerland
Henning Blom & Gaël Clment
A Famennian vertebrate assemblage from Belgium: How different from the East Greenland?
Asian spinosaur confirmed
Eric Buffetaut et al
In 1986, isolated teeth from the Early Cretaceous Sao Khua Formation of northeastern Thailand were described by Buffetaut and Ingavat (Rev.Paléobiol.,1986, 5: 217-220) as Siamosaurus suteethorni and tentatively referred to the family Spinosauridae, because of their unusual morphology (limited lateral compression, lack of serrations, ribbed enamel). Siamosaurus teeth turned out to be frequent in the Sao Khua Formation, as well as in the slightly later (Aptian/Albian) Khok Kruat Formation, and a similar tooth was described from the Early Cretaceous of Japan, but until recently no skeletal remains had been found, and the systematic position of this animal remained uncertain.

Recently, a partial skeleton of a large theropod dinosaur (including several cervical and dorsal vertebrae, ribs and a metapodial) was excavated from the Khok Kruat Formation at a new locality near the city of Khon Kaen. The cervical vertebrae resemble those of Baryonyx walkeri in many respects (elongation of centrum, articular faces of centrum not offset, large epipophyses, prominent ligament scars). The dorsal vertebrae are similar to those of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, with neural spines which are much taller than in Baryonyx (although not as tall as in S. aegyptiacus). A tooth found with the bones belongs to Siamosaurus, but whether it is from the same individual or is evidence of scavenging remains uncertain.

This find demonstrates that spinosaurid theropods were present in Asia in the Early Cretaceous, and supports the identification of Siamosaurus as a spinosaurid. The family clearly had a wider geographical distribution than was previously assumed, including not only Africa, Europe and South America, but also eastern Asia

Jose M Carretero et al
Computed tomography and 3D reconstruction of the braincase of the first European spotted hyaena
Lionel Cavin & Peter L Forey
Long-term sea temperature variations control Cretaceous fish diversity
Tom Challands et al
Lured By The Rings: Growing Pains of a Big Dead Fish
Andreas Christian
Reconstruction of the neck posture in sauropods
Ian Corfe et al
Tritylodontid remains from Olgahain, southern Germany, and worldwide relationships of the genus Oligokyphus
Patricio Dominguez-Alonso & Richard P S Jefferies
The ctenocystoids viewed as stem-group hemichordates
Gareth J Dyke
Late Cretaceous fossil birds from Hornby Island, British Columbia
Gareth J Dyke & David M Waterhouse
Inferring the Phylogenetic Relationships of Parrots (Aves, Psittaciformes) Using Osteological Characters and Including Fossils
Sarah Earland
Turtle taphonomy and tuna fish sandwiches
Tim J Fedak
Ontogeny issues among sauropodomorph dinosaurs and new specimens from the earliest Jurassic
Franziska Grossmann
The taxonomic and phylogenetic position of the plesiosauroidea from the Posidonian shale of southwest Germany
Jason Head
Geometric morphometric analysis of taxonomy and phylogeny in recent and fossil snakes: examples from the Hampshire basin
Norton Hiller
Elasmosaurs of Aotearoa
Jerry J Hooker
A new primate from the English Early Eocene: implications for intercontinental dispersal
John R. Hutchinson
Modelling dinosaur locomotor biomechanics: where I think we should be headed
Stephen Hutt & Penny Newbery
A new look at Baryonyx walkeri (Charig and Milner, 1986) based upon a recent fossil find from the Wealden
David Jones et al
The shape of a species: morphometric analysis of the conodont skeleton
Tom S Kemp
Phylogeny of therapsids: learning from the molecules, or can morphology ever get it right?
Pietro Liò & Eleanor M Weston
Ontogeny of cranial sexual dimorphism in Homo sapiens: implications for hypotheses of sexual selection
Norman MacLeod et al
Darwin versus The Matrix: does artificial intelligence have a place in vertebrate palaeontology?
Paul F A Maderson
Strategy and Tactics in Tetrapod Skin Evolution
Phillip L Manning
An in-depth look at dinosaur tracks
Darren Naish
So... what is Yaverlandia?
Stefan Niklas Gabriel & P David Polly
Morphological integration in the lipotyphlan cranium
Leslie F Noé
The rle of the plesiosaurian neck: an integrated approach
Robert Presley
Does Meckel rest easily in his groove?
Mark A Purnell
The problem of stem group vertebrates and the evolution of the vertebrate body plan
Oliver W Rauhut
Phylogenetic information and homoplasy in non-avian theropod braincases
Kristian Remes
The Tendaguru sauropod "Barosaurus" africanus and the palaeobiogeography of diplodocid sauropods
Jamie Robinson
The Braincase and Middle Ear Region of Dendrerpeton acadianum
Marcelo R Sanchez Villagra
Postcranial development and the marsupial-placental dichotomy
Marcelo R Sanchez Villagra & Vera Weisbecker
Carpal anatomy of diprotodontian marsupials: systematic and functional aspects
Daniella Schwarz
Reconstructions of air-sac systems and musculature in the neck of Diplodocus (Sauropodomorpha)
Rebecca Smith
The description of a new steneosaur specimen, and the diversity and ecology of Steneosaurus from the Yorkshire Lias
Steven C Sweetman
Faunal diversity in a British Early Cretaceous (Barremian) ecosystem
Michael P Taylor
A survey of dinosaur diversity by clade, age, country and year of description
David M Unwin
The principal attributes of pterosaur reproductive biology: oviparity, hyperprecociality and slow growth
Oliver Wings
The distribution of gastroliths in dinosaurs, including birds, and the implications for gastrolith function
SPPC - Poster
Sandra D Chapman & David Gray
The History and Preparation of the Enigmatic Dinosaur Hylaeosaurus armatus BMNH R 3375
Susan Martin
Mineralisation of highly degraded pyrite fossil collection
SVPCA - Poster
Carmela Barbera et al
Soft tissue preservation in a Cretaceous lizard from Southern Italy
Tom Challands & Jeff J Liston
Taphonomic and environmental signals in growth rings of Leedsichthys
Sandra D Chapman & Jeff J Liston
Immortal Clay: The Legacy of Alfred Nicholson Leeds
Margaret E Collinson et al
How small mammal fossils accumulate: an example from the Late Eocene of the Isle of Wight
Philip G Cox
Mammalian orbital mosaics
Susan E Evans et al
A hyperossified megafrog from the Upper Cretaceous of Madagascar: a new size record for the Mesozoic
Helen Hughes
Morphological interpretation of an exceptionally preserved specimen of Confuciusornis sanctus
Marc E H Jones
Exploring skull evolution in the Rhynchocephalia (Diapsida: Lepidosauria)
Kilary Ketchum
A re-description of the holotype of the sauropterygian genus Peloneustes
Max C Langer & Stefan Niklas Gabriel
A reconstruction of the humeral myology of the basal sauropodomorph Saturnalia tupiniquim
Bent E Lindow
Remains of fossil leatherback turtle (Testudinata: Dermochelyidae) from the Late Miocene Gram Formation of Denmark
Hanneke J M Meijer et al
Two Pteranodontid humeri from the Cambridge Greensands; a reinterpretation
Marcelo R Sanchez Villagra et al
Evolution and development of autopodials in chelid turtles
Marco Signore et al
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