Abstracts: London 2005
SPPC - Poster
Felicity Bolton
The Blaschka Glass Models - The Conservation Issues
Tom Challands et al
Lured by the rings: growth structures in Leedsichthys
Lorraine Cornish
Cleaning Natural History Material with Lasers
Adrian M Doyle
Preventive Conservation; barrier films, anoxia and fossils
Steve Etches
Kimmeridge fishes
Michaela Forthuber
Lifesize Reconstruction of Longisquama insignis
Marc E H Jones
Skull evolution in the Rhynchocephalia (Diapsida: Lepidosauria)
Nigel R Larkin
A Life of Grime: Excavating 20th Century Deposits
Norman MacLeod et al
Analysis of spheniscid tarsometatarsus and humerus morphological variability using DAISY automated digital image recognition
Susannah C R Maidment
A re-description of the postcranial skeleton of the primitive stegosaur Huayangosaurus taibai
Scott Moore-Fay
And here's one I prepared earlier
Robert Nicholls
Palaeoart exhibition
Leslie F Noé
A Pliosaur Travels: The Transport and Packaging of a Unique Cretaceous Marine Reptile from Northern South America
Luis Rey
Palaeoart exhibition
Adam Stuart Smith
Important plesiosaurs in the National Museum of Ireland (Natural History)
SVPCA - Poster
Jan S Adolfssen
Carnassial rotation in machairodonts
Orangel Aguilera et al
Palaeobiology and diversity of the turtle fauna from the late Miocene Urumaco Formation in Venezuela
Per Erik Ahlberg et al
The virtual Eusthenopteron: inside the head of a Devonian lobe-fin with CT
Leslie Aiello et al
A palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of Laetoli, Tanzania using a bovid community ecomorphological survey
Philip Anderson
Biomechanics, evolution and ecomorphology of Late Devonian arthrodires from the Gogo Formation of western Australia
Michael Archer et al
A new genus and species of primitive wombat from the Riversleigh World Heritage Property in northwestern Queensland, Australia
Robert J Asher
Island monophyly and the tenrecs of Madagascar
Catherine Badgley
Faunal turnover of Neogene mammals from Pakistan
Carmela Barbera et al
Palaeobiology of Pietraroia fishes as inferred from phosphorus determination in coprolites
Carmela Barbera et al
First occurrence of the ichthyodectid Cladocyclus sp. in the Lower Cretaceous Plattenkalk of Pietraroja (southern Italy)
Carmela Barbera et al
A mathematical descriptor for theropod forelimb claws: methods and implications
Paul M Barrett et al
Small ornithischian dinosaurs from the Middle Jurassic of China: a re-appraisal
Paul M Barrett et al
Chinshakiangosaurus - a cheeky Chinese sauropod?
Paul M Barrett et al
The Middle Jurassic vertebrate assemblage of Skye, Scotland
Robin M D Beck et al
The first comprehensive family-level supertree of extant placental mammals
Michael J Benton
The discovery pattern of dinosaurs... and how many more species are to be found?
Michael J Benton & Graeme T Lloyd
Problems of statistically recovering tetrapod extinction events (Late Permian - Early Jurassic)
Sara Bertelli et al
New records of fossil birds from the Early Eocene Fur Formation, Denmark
Jean-Paul Billon-Bruyat et al
The Purbeckian crocodilians from Cherves-De-Cognac (Berriasian, southwestern France)
Ralf Britz & G David Johnson
Ontogeny and homology of the clavus of the Ocean Sunfishes (Molidae, Teleostei)
Annette Broschinski et al
New tridactyl dinosaur trackways from the Berriasian of Lower Saxony/Germany
Eric Buffetaut & Varavudh Suteethorn
The dinosaur assemblage from the Khok Kruat Formation of Thailand: continuity and change in the Early Cretaceous of Southeast Asia
Percy M Butler
The phylogeny and evolutionary history of the ornithischian dinosaurs
Gabriele Carannante et al
Vertebrate-fossil rich plattenkalk of Pietraroia (southern Apennines, Italy): a sedimentological and taphonomical approach
Sandra D Chapman & Jeff J Liston
Immortal Clay II: a first for Alfred Leeds - but is it a reptile egg?
Luis M Chiappe et al
New vertebrate records from the Late Cretaceous of Kazakhstan
Per Christiansen
Sabertooth characters in the clouded leopard
Michael I Coates
Gladbachus adentatus Heidtke and Kratschmer: an awkward addition to the set of early jawed fishes
Margaret E Collinson et al
Taphonomic study of Late Eocene rodents (Mammalia) from the Isle of Wight (UK)
Ian Corfe
Clash of the titan(osaur)s - investigating sauropod phylogeny
Philip G Cox
Structure of the mammalian orbit: correlations with masticatory musculature
Neil Curtis et al
Finite Element Modelling of the cat skull
Patricio Dominguez-Alonso & Richard P S Jefferies
A cladogram for the Deuterostomia based on molecular-biological and fossil evidence
Jeremy Emiland Martin
Revision of the short-snouted alligatoroid Acynodon iberoccidentalis from the Late Cretaceous of southern Europe
Jörg Erfurt
Olseniidae: a new ungulate family from Central Asia
Susan E Evans & Makoto Manabe
An Early Cretaceous lizard assemblage from Japan
Michael Fastnacht
The flying beams: what biomechanics tells us about pterosaur evolution
Gareth J Fraser et al
Initiation and ordered tooth development: do fish do it differently to amniotes?
Pamela Gill
Kuehneotherium: unexpected taxonomic diversity in the Early Jurassic fissure fills of South Wales
Marcela Gómez-Pérez et al
Imaging the otic capsules of a pliosaur
Anjali Goswami
Morphological integration, modularity, and the evolution of the mammalian skull
David J Gower & Sterling J Nesbitt
Progress in the morphology and systematics of rauisuchian archosaurian reptiles
Franziska Grossmann
Reconstructions of the cranial musculature in Liassic elasmosauroids
Jerry J Hooker
The affinities of the insectivorous mammal Butselia
Inés Horovitz et al
On the phylogeny of talpid moles (Mammalia)
Jodie Houston
Auctioning the Past - the development of live auctions for the sale of fossils
Sandra C Jasinoski & Emily J Rayfield
A biomechanical analysis of cranial function in Dicynodontia
Marc E H Jones
Geometric morphometric analysis of the skull in Rhynchocephalia (Diapsida: Lepidosauria)
Jun-Chang & David M Unwin
The Jehol Biota of China and its significance for the diversity, ecology and evolutionary history of pterosaurs
Benjamin P Kear
Early Cretaceous high-latitude marine reptile assemblages from Australia
Kornelius Kupczik
Tooth root form and dietary specialisation in carnivores
Osamu Kuwazuru et al
Structural analysis of the skull of Tyrannosaurus rex using two-dimensional finite element method
Alison Longbottom
Catfish remains from the Eocene of Mali
Sandra A Martelli & Paul O'Higgins
The lumbar spine of Gorilla gorilla, Pan troglodytes, Pongo pygmaeus and Homo sapiens sapiens reflects differences in function rather than phylogenetic background or inter-specific differences in body weight
Ryoko Matsumoto
A new choristoderan reptile from the Lower Cretaceous of Japan
Andrew R Milner & Rainer R Schoch
Stegops, a problematic spiky-headed temnospondyl
Angela C Milner & Emily J Rayfield
Baryonyx walkeri: functional crocodile, theropod or something else?
Darren Naish
Eotyrannus: extreme makeover
E Nicholas Arnold
Lizard teeth and the role of shape, wear and corrosion in inferring diet and habitat
David B Norman et al
Cranial biomechanics in basal ornithischian dinosaurs
Hannah O'Regan
The effects of captivity on the morphology of mammals
Stephanie E Pierce
Pelagosaurus typus Bronn, 1841 (Mesoeucrocodylia: Thalattosuchia) from the Upper Lias (Toarcian, Lower Jurassic) of England
P David Polly
Adaptive zones and the pinniped ankle: a 3D quantitative analysis of carnivoran tarsal evolution
Joane Pouech
Mammals from Cherves-de-Cognac (Charente, France, Berriasian)
Silvio Renesto
Soft tissue preservation in Tanystropheus (Diapsida Protorosauria): palaeobiological implications
Jamie Robinson
The middle ear of the early tetrapod Kyrinion martilli
Brian Ruth
Walking on water, digging holes, or distant relatives: what affects the shape of the pelvis in lizards?
Manabu Sakamoto
Jaw biomechanics and bite force estimates in theropod dinosaurs
Robert S Sansom
The mutability of the earliest paired appendages
Daniella Schwarz
Neck constructions and pneumaticity in sauropods
Erik R Seiffert
Interrelationships of early primates and the origin of crown Strepsirrhini
Lorna Steel
What can bone histology tell us about pterosaurs?
Michael P Taylor
Sweet seventy-five and never been kissed: the Natural History Museum's Tendaguru brachiosaur
Vera Weisbecker
Evidence at hand: implications of hand proportions for function, evolution and lifestyle in extant diprotodontian marsupials
Eleanor M Weston
'Hormone markers' and the ontogeny and evolution of the human face
Matthew T Wilkinson
Pterosaur wing shape, and its implications for flight