Abstracts: Glasgow 2007
SPPC - Platform presentation
Brent H Breithaupt & Neffra A Matthews
Palaeontological preservation with 21st century documentation: using photogrammetry to produce highly detailed 3D image models
Steve Etches
The rather naive idea of forming a museum on the Jurassic Coast
Michaela Forthuber

Fake Rock, Real Sand: The making of the exhibition 'Sahara - living desert'

Cindy Howells
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Preparation from the Wild West
Nigel R Larkin
The virtual and physical preparation of the Collard Plesiosaur
Emma-Louise Nicholls
Emergency remedial conservation of homeless Mammoth material
Leslie F No├ę
Practical demonstration of historical glue-making, and implications for conservation
John-Paul Sumner
Creating the vertebrate palaeontological displays for the Kelvingrove Museum
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Per Erik Ahlberg & Catherine A Boisvert
The pectoral fin of the near-tetrapod Panderichthys rhombolepis
Lahssen Baider et al
Vertebrate palaeontology of the Kem Kem Beds, Morocco and palaeoecology of North Africa
Natasha N Bakhurina et al
Further evidence for a broad forewing in pterosaurs
Paul M Barrett et al
Mesozoic dinosaur diversity: taxic, phylogenetic and sampling approaches
Paul M Barrett et al
Palaeoenvironmental controls on the distribution of Cretaceous herbivorous dinosaurs
Eugenie C Barrow et al
Craniodental and postcranial morphology of a primitive hyracoid (Mammalia, Paenungulata) from the early Priabonian (late Eocene) of Egypt
Roger B J Benson
Basal tyrannosauroids: a new theropod dinosaur from the Kimmeridge Clay (Late Jurassic: Tithonian) of Dorset, UK representing a large-bodied species of the North American genus Stokesosaurus
Roger B J Benson et al

Redescription of Neovenator salerii (Dinosauria: Theropoda) and its implications for theropod evolution and phylogeny

Michael J Benton et al
Mass extinction of tetrapods at the Permo-Triassic boundary in Russia
Michael J Benton & Marcello Ruta
Calibrated diversity, tree topology and the mother of mass extinctions: the lesson of temnospondyls
Reinaldo J Bertini & Marco Brandalise de Andrade
The specialized dentition of derived notosuchians (Crurotarsi: Mesoeucrocodylia)
Kat Bifield et al
Muscling in on placoderms
Martin D Brazeau & Jonathan E Jeffery
Hyomandibulae of Rhizodontids (Sarcopterygii, Stem-Tetrapoda)
Brent H Breithaupt et al
Growing up in the Middle Jurassic: ichnological evidence for family groups of theropods in Wyoming; comparison of footprints and growth rates of emus and dinosaurs
Brent H Breithaupt & Neffra A Matthews
Wading across the pond: a photogrammetric, spatial, and morphological comparison of Middle Jurassic dinosaur tracks from North America and the United Kingdom
Eric Buffetaut
The ceratopsian dinosaur Psittacosaurus in Southeast Asia : a review of old and new finds
Eric Buffetaut et al
3D imaging of enigmatic tiny eggs with embryos from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand using phase contrast X-ray synchrotron microtomography
Robert K Carr et al
The contribution of placoderms to our understanding of the ontogeny and evolution of early gnathostomes
Robert K Carr et al
Segmental identity within the vertebral column: what can fossils tell us?
Neil D L Clark et al
New discoveries from Bearsden: reassessing the early record of post-Devonian fishes
Philip Clausen et al
Computer simulation of feeding behaviour in marsupial and placental carnivores
Margaret E Collinson et al
Dietary change in a plant eating mammal across the Eocene/Oligocene transition
Mark Evans
Processes and flanges: the evolution of the plesiosaur braincase and posterior palate
Sarah Fielding
All at sea: Late Jurassic Testudines from Europe
Matt Friedman et al
New insights on the Upper Cretaceous pachycormid 'Protosphyraena' gladius (Actinopterygii: Teleostei) from North America
Pamela Gill & Felix G Marx
And yet it does replace? Some new thoughts on the diversity and tooth replacement in the Mesozoic mammal Morganucodon watsoni
Anjali Goswami et al
Developmental modularity and the marsupial-placental dichotomy
Mark D Hagge
Comparative ontogenetic analysis of extant rhinos and Teleoceras major, a North American rhino
David L Harrison & Jerry J Hooker
A new primate clade from the European Eocene
Donald M Henderson
A nearly complete elasmosaur from the Late Cretaceous Bearpaw Formation of Alberta, Canada
David W E Hone
Cope's Rule in Mesozoic archosaurs
Alexandra Houssaye & Jean-Claude Rage
Isolated bones versus articulated skeletons: the problem of parataxonomy in fossil squamates
Tom HŘbner
Dryosaurus lettowvorbecki - first results of a palaeobiological study
Marc E H Jones
Skull joints in Sphenodon and other Rhynchocephalia (Diapsida: Lepidosauria)
Kilary Ketchum
A new global phylogeny of Plesiosauria (Reptilia: Sauropterygia)
Adrian M Lister & Eleanor M Weston
Brain size and insular dwarfism: a case study of the extinct dwarf hippopotamuses from Madagascar
Jeff J Liston & Leslie F No├ę
Tales from the 'Leeds Collection' - a unique palaeontological and archival resource
Jeff J Liston
The vertebrate fossil collections of William Hunter
Angela C Milner & Stig. A Walsh
Wise as an owl - 147 million years of avian brain evolution
Darren Naish
The large theropods Becklespinax and Valdoraptor from the Lower Cretaceous of England
Emma-Louise Nicholls
Using sharks as indicators of trophic structure within 'mid' Cretaceous watermasses
Manabu Sakamoto
Scaling bite force in predatory tetrapods: bite force is proportional to body mass2/3
Adam Stuart Smith
A skeletal reconstruction of Rhomaleosaurus and the systematics of pliosaurs
Kent A Stevens & Eric D Wills
Kinematic constraints on the reconstruction of dinosaur gaits
Paul Upchurch & Jeffrey A Wilson
Euhelopus zdanksyi and its bearing on the evolution of East Asian sauropod dinosaurs
Peggy Vincent
Osteological redescription, taxonomical and phylogenetical position of 'Plesiosaurus' macrocephalus, specimen NHM 49202, from the Lias of England
Mark T Young
A taxonomic tale: What exactly are Metriorhynchus and Geosaurus?
SPPC - Poster
Philip C.J. Donoghue et al
The anatomy and affinity of Ilemoraspis from the Devonian of Siberia and its bearing upon the evolution of the Osteostraci
SVPCA - Poster
Ricardo Ara˙jo & Adam Stuart Smith
Overview of the Leeds fossil vertebrate collection in the National Museum of Ireland
Paul M Barrett & Benjamin P Kear
Reassessment of the English Cretaceous ichthyosaur Platypterygius campylodon
Paul M Barrett et al
Cranial evolution and feeding biomechanics in Sauropodomorpha
Reinaldo J Bertini & Marco Brandalise de Andrade
The Chimaerasuchus paradox: a critical review of a poorly known fossil crocodile
Bruno Chanet & Olga Otero
The systematic position of Semlikiichthys: the carangoid hypothesis
Jaume DinarŔs-Turell et al
The continental vertebrate succession of the Vallcebre Syncline (Maastrichtian, southern Pyrenees)
Sarah Fielding
Categories of disarticulation of testudine skeletons
Josep Fortuny et al
Evidence for big sauropods and dromaeosaurid theropods from a new Maastrichtian locality in the southern Pyrenees
Rodrigo Gaete et al
New discoveries of lambeosaurine hadrosaurids from the Tremp Basin (Maastrichtian, Southern Pyrenees): description and stratigraphic setting
Rodrigo Gaete et al
A new hadrosaurian bonebed in the Maastrichtian of the southern Pyrenees: stratigraphic and taphonomic approach
└ngel Galobart et al
Where are the Early Cretaceous plesiosaurs?: The first sacral vertebra of Plesiosauria (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) found in the Arcillas de Morella Formation (Aptian, Early Cretaceous) of Eastern Spain
└ngel Galobart et al
Dinosaur fossils in marine facies from ANA locality, Arcillas de Morella Formation (Aptian, Lower Cretaceous, Cinctorres, Spain)
Franziska Gro▀mann
The palaeobiogeographic distribution of Liassic plesiosaurs
Norton Hiller & Al Mannering
A Palaeocene deep-water shark fauna from the Southwest Pacific
Jeff J Liston & Robert Nicholls
The Ecology, Growth and Osteology of Leedsichthys
Philip D Mannion
Environmental and geological controls on the diversity and distribution of the Sauropodomorpha
Hanneke Meijer (presented by Natasja den Ouden) & Andre J Veldmeijer
Palarch, Netherlands scientific journal
Katrin Moser et al
Evolutionary biomechanics of the presacral vertebrae of sauropod dinosaurs: a new approach
Emma-Louise Nicholls
Affinities and morphology of a poorly known chondrichthyan from the Upper Cretaceous
Laura K Saila
Osteology and phylogenetic position of Anomoiodon liliensterni, a procolophonid reptile from the Middle Triassic Bundsandstein of Germany
Kent A Stevens & Eric D Wills
Isolating functional degrees of freedom in limbs during locomotion