Abstracts: Dublin 2008
SPPC - Platform presentation
Felicity Bolton & Paolo Viscardi
A preliminary investigation into the removal and remedial conservation of labels from fossil specimens
Ana Citores & Adrian M Doyle
Environmental damage to palaeontological specimens
Arthur R I Cruickshank & Leslie F Noé
A Triceratops skull in Birmingham at 50 and 100: discovered 1908, transported 1958
Emma-Louise Nicholls & Charlie J Underwood
Blood, sweat and scars for life- the complications of comparative shark material
Melissa Schiele
The effectiveness of Synocryl 9123s during the acid preparation process
Remmert Schouten
Fossil preparation skills: available information for both “amateur” and pro
Liesa Stertz
The pilot conservation of two Blaschka glass models of micro-organisms
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Jérôme Adrien et al
Non-destructive investigation of embryo fossilised in ovo: absorption based versus phase contrast x-ray imaging
Robert J Asher
Development in “southern hemisphere” mammals
José A F Basílio et al
New crocodyloid eggs and eggshells from the Bauru Group, Upper Cretaceous of Brazil
Damien Becker et al
The Swiss Oligocene ruminants: preliminary results
Damien Becker et al
The European Anthracotheriidae (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from the Oligocene to the early Miocene: data from the Swiss Molasse Basin
Michael J Benton et al
A Goniopholis skull from the Intermarine Member (Berriasian, Lower Cretaceous), Swanage (England)
Michael J Benton et al
Dinosaurs and the Cretaceous terrestrial revolution
Michel Brunet et al
The mammal assemblages of the hominid fossiliferous area of Toros-Menalla (Late Miocene, Chad Basin): ecological structure and palaeoenvironmental implications
Michel Brunet et al
Fishes and African palaeogeography drainage basins: first data documenting Mio-Pliocene relationships between Chad and neighbour basins
Michel Brunet et al
Revealing the past diversity of the Synodontis catfish
Eric Buffetaut & Gal de Ploeg
A large ostrich-like bird from the Late Palaeocene of the Paris Region
Eric Buffetaut & Christophe Hendrickx
Functional interpretation of spinosaurid quadrates (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Mid-Cretaceous of Morocco
Ian Corfe et al
3-dimensional analysis of dental complexity in tritylodontids and other high fibre plant feeders
Arthur R I Cruickshank & Leslie F Noé
Eurycleidus arcuatus – placing a problematic historical plesiosaur taxon on a firm footing
Zoltan Csíí et al
Nopcsa”s legacy supported: Magyarosaurus dacus (Sauropoda: Titanosauria) bone histology suggests dwarfism on a palaeo-island
Jan den Blauuwen et al
Palaeospondylus, a jawless vertebrate from the Devonian of Scotland
Julia B Desojo & Oliver W Rauhut
New insights on “ rauisuchian ” taxa (Archosauria: Crurotarsi) from Brazil
Gareth J Dyke & Gary W Kaiser
Unrestricted egg size and the evolution of obligatory parental care in birds
Review - C Edwards
Fossil and molecular evidence for evolution of Ireland's mammals
Susan E Evans et al
A Late Cretaceous lizard fauna from southern China
Richard P Evershed et al
Preservation of nitrogen and carbon isotopes in 50Ma fossil fish from the Green River Formation, Wyoming
Dennis FAE Voeten & P Martin Sander
Larger Nothosaurus from the Lower Muschelkalk of Winterswijk, The Netherlands
Kim A Freedman et al
When is a lamprey not a lamprey? Taphonomy, anatomy, and phylogenetic significance of the Jamoytiiformes
Pamela Gill et al
Inside and out: A comparison of the lower jaw of two basal mammals
Anjali Goswami & P David Polly
The influence of character correlations on phylogenetic analyses: a test case in the carnivoran cranium
Anjali Goswami & Katrina E Jones
Morphometric analysis of cranial morphology in pinnipeds (Mammalia, Carnivora): disparity, dimorphism, ecology and ontogeny
Jerry J Hooker
Dawn horses and the North American connection
Nizar Ibrahim
Too many theropods? The diversity of predatory dinosaurs in the mid-Cretaceous of Morocco
Nour-Eddine Jalil
Vertebrate fossils from Morocco: our state of knowledge
Tom S Kemp
The endocranial cavity of a nonmammalian eucynodont and its bearing on the origin of the mammalian brain
Nicole Klein
Winterswijk (The Netherlands), an exceptional early Anisian locality in the Germanic Muschelkalk
Bent E Lindow
A new avian fauna from the early-middle Eocene Lilleblt Clay Formation of Denmark
Jeff J Liston
The osteology of Leedsichthys (Pachycormiformes): growth, resorption and fragmentation of a problematic Jurassic giant
Paul F A Maderson
Lightening up: a new approach to understanding integumentary remains in Mesozoic sauropsids
Jeremy E Martin
New material of the alleged oldest Diplocynodon from the Late Paleocene of northeastern France: revision and implications for crocodylian dispersal
Felix G Marx
Marine mammals through time: when less is more in the study of palaeodiversity
Darren Naish & Mark P Witton
The feeding behaviour of azhdarchid pterosaurs
Emma-Louise Nicholls
Sharks indicate a lagoonal environment for dinosaur remains
Daniel Perea et al
Continental vertebrates of the late Pleistocene of Uruguay (South America): biostratigraphic, biogeographic and environmental connotations
Martha Richter
Comparative study of Permian shark (Chondrichthyes) faunas of North and South America
Manabu Sakamoto et al
How long is a piece of Strix?: methods in measuring and measuring the “measure-ers”
Adam Stuart Smith
Did plesiosaurs have a caudal fin?
Kent A Stevens & Eric D Wills
Reconstructing gaits kinematically: from sprawling to parasagittal
Review - E Teeling
Fossil and molecular evidence for the evolution of bat echolocation
Yasemin Tulu
Implications of paleoenvironmental variation in the Judith River Formation (Campanian), Montana through the taphonomy of shark teeth
Martin Ubilla
Late Pleistocene hystricognath rodents (Mammalia) in mid-latitudes of South America (Uruguay): insights in biogeographic and paleoenvironmental studies*
David M Unwin et al
How the Moon Goddess, Chang-e, helped us to understand pterosaur evolutionary history
David M Waterhouse
Psittaciform systematics and fossils: recent work and new insights
Nikita V Zelenkov
Phylogenetic position of the enigmatic Tertiary avian family Zygodactylidae
SPPC - Poster
Scott Moore-Fay
A new suit for the Dublin pliosaur
SVPCA - Poster
Lawrence Barnes et al
The Middle Miocene lophocetine kentriodontid delphinoid, Liolithax (Lophocetus) pappus: new information about its relationships and morphology
Renaud Boistel et al
X-ray microtomographic investigation of the quantitative increase in body mass engendered by pachyostosis within squamates
Marco Brandalise de Andrade & Mark T Young
High diversity of thalattosuchian crocodylians and the niche partition in the Solnhofen Sea
Jennifer A Clack & Jozef Klembara
An articulated specimen of Chroniosaurus dongusensis, and the morphology and relationships of the chroniosuchids
Gareth J Dyke et al
First record of a dinosaur from Bulgaria: ornithomimosaurs in the European Late Cretaceous
Khadija El Houssaini Darif & Bouziane Khalloufi
The Moroccan fossil fish assemblages: phyogenetic, paleoecologic and paleobiogeographic implications
Ella Hoch
Specialization in the head of a Miocene beaked whale (Odontoceti: Ziphiidae)
David W E Hone et al
Prey selection by theropods and the rarity of juvenile dinosaurs
Alison Longbottom
A uniquely complete specimen of the fossil shark Wodnika from the Late Permian Marl slates of Durham, England
Emma-Louise Nicholls & David J Ward
The case of the lamnid-orectolobe: where does Palaeocarcharias belong?