Abstracts: Lyme Regis 2011
SPPC - Platform presentation
Martin Abrahamsson & Trine Sørensen
Simplifying extraction and cross sectioning of microfossils in unlithified sediment
Michael J Benton et al
The Bristol Dinosaur Project – Preparation Methods
Mark Evans
Bringing sea dragons back to life: 200 years on from Anning, Conybeare and De la Beche.
Philip Hadland
Accessing Palaeontology in a Local Museum
Mike P A Howe
The UK Continental Shelf on the move: transferring two major core and sample collections.
Jeff J Liston
Resourcing Palaeontological Collection Care in a Time of Crisis: The Legacy of the Earth Science Review, Twenty Years On
Scott Moore-Fay
How Long? Preparation of the Weymouth Bay Pliosaur.
Frank Osbæck
Acid Preparation of a pond turtle from the Eocene Mo clay formation of northern Denmark
SVPCA - Platform presentation
?? ?? et al
The Strange Case of the Jurassic Ichthyosaur
Per Erik Ahlberg et al
A very primitive tetrapod from the earliest Famennian of South Timan, Russia
Brian Andres et al
Owen's pterosaurs, old fossils shedding light on new clades
Robert J Asher & Lionel Hautier
Skeletogenesis in the African elephant.
Robert J Asher et al
Dental eruption in Southern Placental Mammals
Robert Atwood et al
Synchrotron tomography reveals three-dimensional gill-arch structure in a stem gnathostome from the HunsrĂĽck Slate
Holly E Barden et al
From Archimedes to Archaeopteryx: Trace metal mapping with Synchrotron Rapid Scanning X-Ray Fluorescence.
Rosie Barnes et al
The revision of the genus Magyarosaurus, and titanosaur diversity in the Maastrichtian of the Hateg Basin, Romania - preliminary results
Paul M Barrett et al
A re-evaluation of Wealden sauropod faunas: implications for the evolution of sauropod dinosaurs during the Cretaceous
Paul M Barrett et al
Form, function and phylogeny: Virtual reconstruction of the inner ear of plesiosaurs
Paul M Barrett et al
A new skull of Apatosaurus and its taxonomic and palaeobiological implications
S Beardmore et al
Skeletal Taphonomy of Pterosaurs from the Late Jurassic of Germany
Roger B J Benson & Kilary Ketchum
A basal pliosaurid (Reptilia, Sauropterygia) from the Oxford Clay Formation (Callovian, Middle Jurassic) of Bedfordshire: evidence for a gracile, longirostrine grade of Early-Middle Jurassic pliosaurids
Roger B J Benson et al
High diversity, low disparity and small body size in plesiosaurs from the Triassic-Jurassic boundary
Michael J Benton et al
Cranial anatomy and palaeopathology of an Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) pliosaur (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) from Westbury, Wiltshire
Michael J Benton et al
The Bristol Dinosaur Project - developing a learning and outreach programme and training research staff and students to help deliver.
Michael J Benton & Marcello Ruta
Tetrapod evolution through the Permian and Triassic: rock record, supertrees, and detecting events
Neil Brocklehurst et al
The Completeness of the Fossil Record of Mesozoic Birds
Eric Buffetaut et al
A freshwater teleosaurid in the Late Jurassic of northeastern Thailand
Eric Buffetaut & Paul Jeffery
A ctenochasmatid pterosaur from the Stonesfield Slate (Bathonian) of Oxfordshire, England.
Eric Buffetaut et al
A choristodere from the late Paleocene of France
David Button et al
Continuous character states and their impact on the phylogeny of the Pterosauria
J A and R N G Clack
A Crassigyrinus-like lower jaw, and other vertebrate elements, from the Tournaisian of Scotland.
John Clarke & Matt Friedman
Teleost superiority: a foregone conclusion? Patterns of teleost and holostean diversification in the Mesozoic.
Michael I Coates & John A Finarelli
Chondrenchelys, chimaeroids and early holocephalans
John Conway & C M Koseman
All Yesterdays: Unexpected and Unusual Reconstructions of the Past (That We Don't Know are Wrong)
Ian Corfe et al
Patterns in the origin of multicuspid teeth among terrestrial amniotes – early adopters from Devon
Philip G Cox et al
Biomechanical performance of the rodent skull: sensitivity analyses of finite element models
Nick Crumpton
The Vestibular System in Talpidae
Gilles Cuny et al
Effects of the late Permian extinction on Permian-Triassic shark faunas
Neil Curtis et al
Shearing in Sphenodon and related character acquisition in Mesozoic Rhynchocephalia (Diapsida: Lepidosauria)
Peter Dodson et al
First occurrence of neonatal ornithopod teeth from South America
Richard Edmonds
Review of the West Dorset fossil collecting code of conduct
Susan E Evans & Yuan Wang
The Early Cretaceous Chinese lizard Yabeinosaurus: insights from new specimens
Valentin Fischer
High diversity in late Early Cretaceous ichthyosaurs part II: The Cambridge Greensand material
Donald M Henderson
Discovery and recovery of a complete, three-dimensionally preserved anklyosaur from the Early Cretaceous of northern Alberta, Canada
Jerry J Hooker
A new primate (Omomyidae, Microchoerinae) from the earliest Eocene of southern UK: the beginning of microchoerine evolution.
Cindy Howells
James Frederick Jackson (1894-1966). An Extraordinary Geologist.
Mark N Hutchinson et al
Lizard calibration points the the problem of Tikiguania
Zerina A Johanson et al
Evolution of elasmobranch (Chondrichthyes) dentitions
Joseph Keating et al
Filling a gap in Palaeozoic vertebrate diversity: the Wayne Herbert osteostracan fauna
Tom S Kemp
Bean bags, modules, systems and the evolvability problem: reflections on how major new vertebrate taxa arise
Chris King et al
Palaeoenvonmental setting of the marine Eocene vertebrate faunes of the Fayum, Egypt.
Chris King et al
Whale meat again: the forensic microvertebrate palaeontology of a Basilosaurus skeleton from Wadi Al-Hitan (Zeuglodon valley), Egypt
Jeff J Liston & Darren Naish
Robert Appleby's ichthyosaur legacy
Sean Modesto & Robert R. Reisz
The neodiapsid Lanthanolania ivakhnenkoi from the Middle Permian of Russia, and the initial diversification of diapsid reptiles
Colin Palmer
The histology and structural performance of pterosaur wing bones
Varun Parmar et al
New vertebrate fossils from the Lower/Middle Jurassic Kota Formation of Pranhita-Godavari valley, peninsular India
Michael P Taylor & Mathew J Wedel
Sauropod necks: how much do we really know?
Richard S Thompson
A Combined Analysis Approach to the Phylogeny of the Talpidae (Mammalia: Lipotyphla).
David M Unwin
A new dimorphodontid pterosaur from the Lower Jurassic of Dorset, southern England
Mathew J Wedel & Adam M Yates
A Diplodocus-sized bipedal basal sauropodomorph from the Late Triassic of South Africa
Mark P Witton
The pecotral girdle of Dimorphodon macronyx (Pterosauria, Dimorphodontidae) and the terrestrial abilities of non-pterodactyloid pterosaurs
SPPC - Poster
Lu Allington-Jones et al
Building Conservation Grade Support Systems for the Long-Term Storage of Fossil Vertebrates
SVPCA - Poster
Roger B J Benson et al
Virtual reconstruction of the brain and sinuses of the basal marine crocodylomorph Pelagosaurus typus
Rodney W Berrell et al
Preliminary results of acid etching limestone containing bone fragments from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) Kilmaluag Formation at Cladach a’ Ghlinne, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
Guillaume Billet et al
Extant xenarthrans inner ear diversity
Sandra D Chapman & Lorna Steel
Reptiles from the Lower Lias of the Dorset Coast and the Mary Anning Connection
Sandra D Chapman & Timothy A M Ewin
James Harrison (1819-1864) and the discovery of the dinosaur Scelidosaurus from the Early Jurassic (Sinemurian) (Liassic Cliffs) of Charmouth, Dorset, UK.
Jennifer A Clack & Esther L Sharp
An almost complete, articulated specimen of the lungfish Ctenodus interruptus from the Viséan of Scotland.
Jennifer A Clack & Kelly Richards
The Carboniferous Derbyshire Riviera, a chondrichthyan paradise
Susan E Evans & Laura K Saila
A new procolophonoid parareptile from Australia (Arcadia Formation, Early Triassic)
Susan E Evans & Ryoko Matsumoto
Function of palatal dentition
Valentin Fischer et al
A new longirostrine ichthyosaur (Reptilia) from the Toarcian of France broadens the ecological diversity of the genus Temnodontosaurus
Philip Hadland
Possible theropod footprints from the Lower Greensand Mammilatum bed of Folkestone
Donald M Henderson et al
Investigating the buoyancy and floating posture of pterosaurs
Marc E H Jones & A Kristopher Lappin
Maximum bite force and its relationship to biting substrate and mechanoreceptors in lizards
Dean R Lomax & Judy A Massare
A new species of Ichthyosaurus from the Pliensbachian of the Charmouth area.
Georgia Maclean-Henry & Mark P Witton
Additional details on the skull of Istiodactylus latidens and the palaeoecology of istiodactylid pterosaurs
David M Martill & Steven U Vidovic
The taxonomy of ‘Germanodactylusrhamphastinus (Wagner, 1851)
Simon Wills
John Whitaker Hulke, a neglected palaeontological pioneer