Abstracts: York 2014
SPPC - Platform presentation
Tom Challands
Opening up the dipnoan brain: new insights from the cranial endocast of Dipterus valenciennesi.
Mark R Graham & Lu Allington-Jones
Nicola S. Heckeberg et al
Evolutionary history of antlers in Cervidae (Ruminantia, Artiodactyla, Mammalia)
Mike P A Howe et al
GB/3D fossil types online – not only the largest collection of 3D digital fossils, but, with 2,500 years of legacy data, also major format, schema and vocabulary conundrums
Jeff J Liston
Resourcing Palaeontological Collection Care in a Time of Crisis: The Legacy of the Earth Science Review, Twenty Years On.
Frank Osbćck
Preparation of Ardiodus sp? from the Eocene Moclay in Denmark New approaches in acid preparation.
Aubrey Jane Roberts et al
The Upper Jurassic Marine Reptiles from Spitsbergen – from field conservation to laboratory preparation
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Per Erik Ahlberg et al
A Devonian tetrapod-like fish from China reveals parallelism in stem tetrapod evolution
Delphine Angst et al
Isotopic and anatomical evidence of an herbivorous diet in the Early Tertiary giant bird Gastornis. Implications for the structure of Paleocene terrestrial ecosystems
Joanna Baker et al
Bridging the divide between studies of extant and extinct diversity
Hester Baverstock & Samuel N Cobb
Mark Bell et al
Extratropical peaks in Cretaceous terrestrial vertebrate diversity: the influence of primary producers on vertebrate species distribution
Roger B J Benson et al
Dinosaur body size maxima driven by global temperature
Michael J Benton et al
Nothosaur foraging tracks from the Middle Triassic of southwestern China
Jen A Bright et al
Ecomorphological and functional convergence in extant birds of prey
A re-description of “Mycterosaurus” smithae, an Early Permian eothyridid, and an examination the phylogeny of pelycosaurian-grade synapsids
Neil Brocklehurst et al
“Mycterosaurus” smithae, from the Early Permian of Colorado, was first described in 1965 as a second species of the genus Mycterosaurus. While the type species of this genus, Mycterosaurus longiceps, has been shown by multiple cladistic analyses to belong to the basal synapsid family Varanopidae, “Mycterosaurus” smithae has been largely ignored. Now further preparation has revealed more details of the skeleton, allowing a detailed re-examination. “Mycterosaurus” smithae lacks many of the characteristics of mycterosaurines and varanopids: it lacks a slender femur, serrated teeth and a lateral boss on the postorbital. Instead, the large supratemporal and the reduced contribution of the lacrimal to the orbital margin support its assignment to Eothyrididae, while the postcranium shares many characters with the eothyridid Oedaleops. “Mycterosaurus” smithae was included in an expanded version of a recently published phylogenetic analysis of pelycosaurian-grade synapsids. All most parsimonious trees found “Mycterosaurus” smithae to be the sister taxon of Eothyris within the Eothyrididae. The addition of postcranial material of eothyridids and the inclusion of the recently described basal caseid Eocasea confirms the recently disputed position of caseasaurs as the most basal synapsids. As the parsimony analysis produced low support values and a lack of resolution, further analyses were undertaken using Bayesian and Implied Weights methods. While the results are similar, alternative positions for Oedaleops and Echinerpeton are suggested by Bayesian analysis. The fit of the different phylogenetic hypotheses to the stratigraphic record was tested using the Gap Excess Ratio, with the results of the Bayesian analysis being most consistent.
Eric Buffetaut & Delphine Angst
Gastornis island: the peculiar composition of the Palaeocene terrestrial vertebrate faunas of Europe
David Button et al
Biomechanical trends and functional shifts in sauropodomorph craniodental evolution
Tom Challands
Opening up the dipnoan brain: new insights from the cranial endocast of Dipterus valenciennesi
Roger Close et al
A new representative of stem-lineage Zatheria (Mammalia) from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) of the Isle of Skye
Roger Close & Matt Friedman
Probing the third dimension: are morphospaces derived from 2D and 3D fossil fish crania congruent?
Ian Corfe et al
Testing developmental biology predictions with fossils – dental complexity and evolutionary rates of the Multituberculata
Nick Crumpton & Robert J Asher
Convergence vs. specialization in the ear region of moles
Peter L Falkingham & Stephen Gatesy
The birth of a dinosaur track: sub-surface 3-D motion reconstruction and discrete element simulation reveal footprint ‘ontogeny’
Thomas Fletcher et al
The Evolution of Speed
Davide Foffa et al
A new metriorhynchid from the Oxford Clay Formation and its implications for the evolution of Geosaurinae
Ricardo Godinho & Paul O'Higgins
Do the large browridges in Homo heidelbergensis have a mechanical role?
Helder Gomes Rodrigues & Lionel Hautier
Chisel-tooth digging behaviour strongly constrains cranial shape: the case of African mole-rats (Bathyergidae, Rodentia)
Anjali Goswami et al
Developmental integration channelled morphological response to environmental stress in Late Pleistocene carnivorans
Thomas J. D. Halliday et al
Lionel Hautier & Robert J Asher
Dental development in sloths and armadillos (Xenarthra)
Nicola S. Heckeberg et al
Evolutionary history of antlers in Cervidae (Ruminantia, Artiodactyla, Mammalia)
Donald M Henderson & Mathew J Wedel
Stuart Humphries & Joe Tomkins
Thermoregulation and scaling of ear size in the Proboscidea
Elizabeth Kerr et al
Variation of Apodemus mandibular morphology: functional implications
Jeff J Liston et al
Hettangian Lufeng predation: more teeth, more taxa?
Dean R Lomax & Judy A Massare
Ichthyosaurus from Somerset: One variable species or more?
Elizabeth Martin-Silverstone et al
The relationship between skeletal mass and total mass in birds
Andrew McIntosh & Philip G Cox
The effect of digging on craniodental form in subterranean rodents
Robert Nicholls & Donald M Henderson
SVPOTW -Sauropod Victim Picture of the Week
Colin Palmer
A three dimensional structural model of a large pterosaur wing: implications for the membrane properties.
Marianne Pearson et al
Testing a morphological dataset for the robustness of fossil placement: a case study using salamanders
Fay Penrose et al
The Jaw Adductor Muscles of Wild Canids.
Emily J Rayfield et al
Morphological and functional variation in the theropod dinosaur mandible
Gertrud E. Rössner et al
The Gerenuk's Reversal: an Integrative Approach to the Evolutionary History of the Giraffe-Necked Antelope
Robert S Sansom et al
Dental morphology of mammals is less reliable than osteology: Phylogenetic differences align with taphonomic biases
Timothy R. Smithson et al
Chondrichthyan diversity in the Early Carboniferous: new evidence from the Tournaisian of northern Britain
Roland B. Sookias et al
First evidence for a monophyletic, non-monospecific Euparkeriidae, and a reassessment of the Chinese euparkeriids
Michael P Taylor & Mathew J Wedel
Slender Giants
Tara Thean & Robert J Asher
Cranial Development in Marine and Terrestrial Mammals
Tony R A Thulborn
Some unusual sauropod dinosaur tracks in the Broome Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous) of Western Australia
Alexander Tinius & Anthony P. Russell
3D geometric morphometric analysis of the breast-shoulder apparatus: implications for the locomotor kinematics of anole (Squamata: Dactyloidae) ecomorphs on Caribbean islands
David M Unwin et al
Hatchling pterosaurs: still in the air, or back on the ground
Anneke H. van Heteren
Chris Venditti et al
The evolutionary dynamics of dinosaurian body size
Stig. A Walsh & Carl Jones
By the mouse divided: testing sub-segmentation volume values in avian endocasts
Mathew J Wedel et al
Pneumatic diverticula associated with the spinal cord in birds, sauropod dinosaurs, and other ornithodiran archosaurs
SPPC - Poster
Sandra D Chapman & Javier Parraga Rodriguez
The NHM Kimmeridge Clay Ichthyosaur Collection Project
Nigel R Larkin
Using infrared thermal imaging as a collections management tool.
Nigel R Larkin
A Tale of Two Mysticeti
Aubrey Jane Roberts et al
The Upper Jurassic Marine Reptiles from Spitsbergen – from field conservation to laboratory preparation
SVPCA - Poster
Mark Bell et al
Extratropical peaks in Cretaceous terrestrial vertebrate diversity: the influence of primary producers on vertebrate species distribution
Jennifer A Clack et al
Romer's Gap: Breaking the log-jam
Laura C Fitton & Philip J R Morris
Elucidating Differences in the Feeding Ecology of Extant Apes Using Finite Element Analysis
Jennifer (JJ) Hill et al
Evolution of the lower jaw of gnathostomes
Michela Johnson et al
A Possible New Crocodylomorph Partial Skull from the Isle of Wight, England
Catherine Klein et al
First report of the late Triassic fissure fauna from Woodleaze Quarry, Gloucestershire, UK
Dallas Krentzel & Kenneth Angielczyk
Patterns of ecomorphology, functional trade-offs, and masseter evolution in the feeding system across rodents
Nigel R Larkin & Dean R Lomax
A humerus tale: physically investigating and recording the forelimb of a new species of Ichthyosaurus from Pliensbachian deposits at Charmouth, England.
Qingyu Ma & Emily J Rayfield
Constrains and efficiency in the evolution of birds
Philip J R Morris et al
Convergent evolution of diprotodonty or a rodent-like masticatory system in therian mammals
Robert Nicholls
DINOSAUR BUILD LIVE! Building a life-size model of Thecodontosaurus antiquus
Michael O'Sullivan et al
Phylogenetic and ecological correlates of inner ear morphology and ontogeny in pinnipeds (Mammalia, Carnivora).
Michael O'Sullivan & David M Martill
Pterosaur Taxonomy on the Jurassic of the UK
Thomas Püschel & William I Sellers
Analysing the Form and Function of the Hominoid Scapula: a Morphometric and Biomechanical Approach
Lorna Steel & Eric Buffetaut
Arthur Smith Woodward and the Jurassic 'Sea Croc'