Abstracts: Southampton 2015
SPPC - Platform presentation
Emma Bernard
A brief history of the best collection of fossil fish in the world – probably…
Mark R Graham
Fossils, Footprints & Fakes
Luke Hauser
Breaking bad…bone beds: processing the Downton Bone Bed.
Donald M Henderson
Moulding dinosaur tracks on the banks of the St. Mary River in southwestern Alberta, Canada
Jeff J Liston & Nigel R Larkin
Leviathan Rising: A new collections curation initiative from the Star Pit dig
Frank Osbæck
Preparation of a uniquely preserved turtle from the early Eocene Mo clay formation of northern Denmark.
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Eduardo Ascarrunz et al
A deeper look into Triadobatrachus massinoti: The earliest known lissamphibian (Vertebrata: Tetrapoda) re-examined by µCT-Scan
Robert J Asher
Pearly White & Full of Information: Why We Should All Love Teeth
Joanna Baker et al
Positive phenotypic selection inferred from phylogenies
Chris Basu et al
Estimating body mass of the extinct giraffid Sivatherium giganteum, using a skeletal reconstruction and the minimum convex hull method
Hermione Beckett & Matt Friedman
Revisiting Landanichthys, the oldest fossil mackerel
Michael J Benton et al
Key characters and evolutionary rates in the origin of birds
Vincent Beyrand et al
Endocast shape in birds linked with behaviour and flight ability
Niels Bonde
On some feathers of Archaeopteryx lithographica and their preservation
Estelle Bourdon et al
An exquisitely preserved stem roller (Aves: Coracii) from the Early Eocene Fur Formation of Denmark
Neil Brocklehurst
Rates and modes of body size evolution in early carnivores and herbivores: a case study from Captorhinidae.
Eric Buffetaut & Delphine Angst
Twenty years of Gargantuavis philoinos: a summing up on an enigmatic Late Cretaceous giant bird
Marco Castiello & Martin D Brazeau
The braincase of the petalichthyid Shearsbyaspis revealed by x-ray micro-CT: implications for deep gnathostome phylogeny
Nicholas Chan
Complex evolution of avian leg bones with loss of flight
Jennifer A Clack et al
A new lower jaw from the Late Devonian and its possible relationships.
John Clarke & Matt Friedman
The 100 million year struggle to teleost supremacy
Roger Close et al
Evidence for a mid-Jurassic adaptive radiation in mammals
Ian Corfe et al
Tooth ultrastructure and development of a 200 million year old mammal revealed with synchrotron nanotomography
Peter L Falkingham
Difficulties in estimating mass from fossil footprints
Ryan N Felice & Patrick M O’Connor
Insights into the evolution of the avian tail apparatus from passeriform comparative anatomy
Davide Foffa et al
Evidence of macrophagous teleosaurids in the Corallian Group (Oxfordian, Late Jurassic) of the UK
Craig Fraser
The first comprehensive insight into the histology of the basal ornithopod, Hypsilophodon foxii, from the Isle of Wight
Rachel Frigot
A geometric morphometric examination of form and function in the avian pelvis
Ursula Göhlich et al
The penguin with an Albatross-like bill: anatomy of Spheniscus urbinai (Aves, Spheniscidae) from the Mio-Pliocene Pisco Formation in Peru
Robert Goodall & Mark A Purnell
How the whale became: 3D tooth microtextures shed light on the complex dietary transition in archaeocete whale evolution (Cetacea: Archaeoceti).
James Hansford
To kill an elephant bird: Diversity and extinction in the aepyornithidae
Luke Hauser
The Downton “Tooth Bed”: a lost world
Donald M Henderson
Exceptional sets of dinosaur tracks and trackways from the St. Mary River Formation (Campanian-Maastrichtian) in Alberta, Canada
Jennifer (JJ) Hill et al
Evolution of the Lower Jaw of Gnathostomes
David W E Hone et al
Positive allometry in the growth of a ceratopsian frill indicates sexual selection
Cindy Howells et al
A new Early Jurassic theropod from Wales: geological and discovery context
Thomas J. Smith & Mark T. Young
The phylogenetic implications of re-describing the English crocodyliform specimens referred to Pholidosaurus
Christine M. Janis et al
On the probably predatory behaviour of the "marsupial lion", Thylacoleo carnifex
Maren Jansen et al
The Phylogenetic Inference of Cranial Ontogenetic Trajectories of Basal Therapsida
Diane Johnson et al
Fossils of Qau el-Kebir; an ancient Egyptian funerary fossil collection
Alexander W A Kellner et al
Comments on pterosaur reproduction based on recently found specimens from the Jurassic and Cretaceous of China
Jessica Lawrence Wujek et al

Mary Anning’s marine reptiles: taxonomy, systematics, morphometrics and evolution of the iconic Ichthyosaurus

Saulo Limaverde et al
Preliminary information on a new specimen of Araripemys (Pleurodira: Pelomedusoides) from the Early Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil
Nicholas R Longrich et al
Tetrapodophis amplectus, a four-legged snake from the Early Cretaceous of Gondwana, and implications for the origins of snakes
Jamie A MacLaren & Sandra Nauwelaerts
Locomotor morphology of a ‘living fossil’ - 3D GMM assessment of forelimb anatomy in tapirs
David M Martill et al
The oldest Jurassic dinosaur: a basal neotheropod from the Hettangian of Great Britain
Andrew McIntosh & Philip G Cox
Musculoskeletal correlates of digging behaviour in African mole-rats
Luke Muscutt
The Hydrodynamics of Plesiosaurs
Darren Naish et al
Romania and the short-necked azhdarchids, flightless avialans and giant lizards of yore
Elis Newham et al
Cementum histology reveals physiology at the root of the mammalian phylogeny
Benjamin Otoo et al
A taxonomic and palaeoecological investigation of an earliest Carboniferous fauna from Burnmouth, Scotland, UK
Colin Palmer & Michael Habib
Giants of the air: how big could they be?
Elsa Panciroli et al
Correlates between calcaneal morphology and locomotion in extant and extinct carnivorous mammals
Stuart Pond et al
A critical new Polacanthus specimen from the Wessex Formation of the Isle of Wight
Mark A Purnell et al
Experimental Taphonomy and the Anatomy of Cambrian Vertebrates
Marcela Randau et al
Vertebral column shape evolution in felids
Gertrud E. Rssner et al
Evolutionary evaluation of fundamental processes in the antler cycle as revealed by internal bone structure
Manabu Sakamoto et al
Dinosaurs in decline tens of millions of years prior to the K-Pg boundary
Timothy R. Smithson & Jennifer A Clack
A wandering entepicondylar foramen and the humeral twist: forelimb evolution in early tetrapods.
Kent A Stevens et al
Data-Driven Analysis and Interpretation of Fossil Trackways
Max Stockdale et al
Temperature-driven evolution and evolutionary stasis among the Crocodylomorpha
Tom Stubbs
The ecomorphological diversifications of Mesozoic marine reptiles
Michael P Taylor et al
Were the necks of Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus adapted for combat?
David M Unwin & D Charles Deeming
New evidence for sexual dimorphism in the basal monofenestratan pterosaur Darwinopterus
Daniel Vidal et al
The specialized tail of Spinophorosaurus nigerensis (Sauropoda. Middle Jurassic) and the osteological limits its range of motion.
Andrea Villa
A review of fossil gekkotans from the Neogene and Quaternary of Italy
Mark P Witton et al
Trends and patterns in modern palaeoartistry: a call for change
Mark T Young et al
An early origin and diversification of macrophagous metriorhynchid crocodylomorphs, with evidence for multiple instances of parallel evolution
SVPCA - Poster
Chris Barker et al
Complex Neurovascular Network in the Rostrum of Neovenator salerii
Karl T Bates et al
Temporal and phylogenetic evolution of the sauropod dinosaur body plan
Gemma Louise Benevento & Matt Friedman
Changes in mammal disparity across two fossil Lagerstätten sites from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic
Emma Bernard et al
Update on work from Woodeaton Quarry, Oxford, UK and the use of volunteers in large scale collection projects
Carlos de Miguel Chavez et al
Evaluating the tetrapod diversity from the Late Triassic of Manzanera (Teruel, Spain)
Gilles Cuny et al
A new Devonian-Carboniferous boundary shark from the Old Red Sandstone of East Greenland
Serjoscha W Evers & Roger B J Benson
Getting into their heads: comparative neuroanatomy of the Late Cretaceous sea turtle Rhinochelys
Grant Field & David M Martill
A new specimen of cf. Susisuchus (Crocodylia, Neosuchia) with soft tissue preservation from the Crato Formation (Cretaceous, ?Aptian) of Brazil
Davide Foffa et al
New specimen and revision of the late Jurassic teleosaurid 'Steneosaurus’ megarhinus
Rebecca Groom et al
The osteohistology of the Lower Jurassic ichthyosaur Ichthyosaurus anningae and Ichthyosaurus communis from the Lias of Dorset, UK.
Carl Harrington et al
An Important Plesiosaur Discovery from the Oxford Clay: How Cooperation between Science and Industry is Benefitting Palaeontology
Maria Eduarda C Leal et al
Eocene Tarpons from the North Sea Region, Denmark and UK
Jeff J Liston et al
Back from Purgatory: Three Rakers for Fishes at the Base of a Diversification
Jeff J Liston et al
Daggers, swords, scythes and sickles: pachycormid fins as ecological predictors
Jeff J Liston et al
New data on Early Jurassic theropod diversity and feeding behaviour in the Lufeng Formation of Yunnan Province, China
Sophie Macaulay et al
Exploring the Relationship between Muscle Fascicle Length, Muscle Length Change and Joint Motion in the Archosaur Hindlimb.
Jamie A MacLaren et al
Ecomorphology of the perissodactyl metacarpal: comparing traditional and geometric morphometric approaches
Elizabeth Martin-Silverstone et al
Initial report of feeding traces on Early Jurassic fissure fill material from St. Bride’s Island, South Wales
P Mocho et al
Spinophorosaurus nigerensis a dinosaur with caudal spike osteoderms?
P Mocho et al
Morphological and laminae pattern variation along the neck of the eusauropod Spinophorosaurus nigerensis (Niger, Middle Jurassic)
Iván Narváez et al
Paleobiogeographical implications of the identification of a new species of basal eusuchian crocodyliform from the Late Cretaceous of Lo Hueco (Cuenca, Spain)
Adrián Páramo Blázquez et al
Two types of appendicular bones of titanosaurs (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from Lo Hueco (Fuentes, Cuenca)
Adán Pérez-García et al
Identification of a member of the “Palaeochelys s.l. – Mauremys group” (Testudines) in the early Oligocene of Boutersem (Belgium)
Adán Pérez-Garcia
A potential podocnemidid turtle from the early Eocene of the British Wittering Formation
Adán Pérez-Garcia
The basal eucryptodiran turtle Thalassemys in the British record: systematic and paleobiogeographic implications
Alex Peaker
A brief account of the history of Dinosaur Isle and its' collections (1820-2015).
Sophie Regnault et al
Evolutionary history of the patella in Mammaliaformes
Aubrey Jane Roberts et al
A fresh look at Colymbosaurus (Owen, 1840) with new material from Late Jurassic of Svalbard
Laura K Saila & Nicholas J Matzke
Around the world in 146 dogs: A new global fossil canid phylogeny and the historical phylobiogeography of Caninae
Sarah-Jane Strachan & Stuart Pond
Microstructure of ankylosaur pelvic shield from the Early Cretaceous, Isle of Wight
Elspeth C Wallace et al
Crocodilian tooth morphology and niche partitioning in the Hell Creek Formation (South Dakota, USA)
David J Ward & Bretton Kent
A new giant species of thresher shark from the Miocene of the United States and Malta
Mark Wildman et al
An Important Plesiosaur Discovery from the Oxford Clay: How Cooperation between Science and Industry is Benefitting Palaeontology