Abstracts: Birmingham 2017
SVPCA - Lightining Talk
Carla Bardua et al
Morphological evolution of the caecilian skull
Mark Evans et al
The skull of the Middle Jurassic plesiosaurian Cryptoclidus revisited
Femke Holwerda & Jeff J Liston
An anterior sauropod caudal from the Peterborough Oxford Clay: whose tail is it anyway?
Hebert Bruno Nascimento Campos et al
A unique exceptionally well-preserved pterosaur skull from the Crato Formation of Brazil
SPPC - Platform presentation
Mark R Graham
The Remedial Conservation and Support Jacketing of the Neotype dinosaur Massospondylus carinatus.
Donald M Henderson
Finding and collecting a dinosaur in an open pit mine – the Fort McMurray nodosaur
Nigel R Larkin
Replicating the 1.8m long skull of Pliosaurus carpenteri for display.
Kieran Miles
Project Airless: addressing the problem of pyrite oxidation in a large fossil collection
Tim Ziegler et al
Blood, sweat, and vinegar: Acetic acid preparation of cetacean fossils yields exceptional results
SVPCA - Platform presentation
Plamen Andreev
Tooth-like patterning in the scales of early 'sharks'
Robert J Asher
Teeth, development, and hyraxes
Paul M Barrett et al
Upper Karoo vertebrate assemblages (Late Triassic/Early Jurassic) of the Late Kariba region, Zimbabwe
Karl T Bates & Peter L Falkingham
Bite performance in Tyrannosaurus rex: Consensus or controversy?
Hermione Beckett et al
Adaptive radiation of Pelagia (Teleostei: Acanthomorpha) indicated by 3D morphometry
Gemma Louise Benevento et al
New data on Moeritherium from the Birket Qarun Formation (Eocene), Fayum Depression, Egypt
Charlotte Brassey
The functional morphology of the carnivoran baculum
Neil Brocklehurst & Jörg Fröbisch
A re-examination of Milosaurus mccordi, and the evolution of large body size in Carboniferous synapsids
Robert Brocklehurst et al
Making Morphology Move: XROMM Ventilation Kinematics of Extant Archosaurs and Reconstructing Rib Motion in Fossils
Tom Challands et al

A case of mistaken identity: 'Latvius' obrutus and new dipnoans from the Frasnian of Stolbovo, Russia.

Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza et al
The effect of spatial fossil bias on dinosaur palaeodiversity estimates in the latest Cretaceous of North America
Jennifer A Clack et al
New Late Devonian lungfishes from Greenland morphologically and phylogenetically blur the D-C boundary
Hugo Dutel et al
Comparative skull biomechanics in Varanus and Salvator ‘Tupinambis’
Davide Foffa et al
Ecomorphological disparity and evolution of marine reptiles of the Sub-Boreal Jurassic Seaway
David P. Ford & Roger B J Benson
A re-examination of Orovenator mayorum using μCT data, and its consequences for early amniote phylogeny.
Pedro Godoy et al
Evolution of body size in Crocodylomorpha in a multi-regime evolutionary landscape
Susana Gutarra Diaz et al
Using computational fluid dynamics to analyse the hydrodynamic properties of fossil marine reptiles
Donald M Henderson et al
The Fort McMurray nodosaur – a three-dimensional dinosaur fossil with preserved scales, pigments, and stomach contents
Struan Henderson & Tom Challands
The first virtual cranial endocast of a porolepiform fish and the evolution of the Dipnomorpha
Zerina A Johanson et al

Fusion in the vertebral column of the pachyosteomorph arthrodire Dunkleosteus terrelli ('Placodermi')

Joseph Keating et al
Early Cambrian ostracoderms and the trials and tribulations of total evidence dating
Elizabeth Kerr et al
The Recent Now: Post-Medieval Wood Mice
Catherine Klein et al
Opportunities in disasters: molecular evidence for the rapid radiation of snakes following the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction
Stephan Lautenschlager et al
The role of miniaturisation for cranial function across the cynodont-mammaliaform transition
Jeff J Liston & Anthony Maltese
Hips, Tips and Sweet Sweptback Rays: Looking beyond traditional cranial characters in Pachycormiformes
Nicholas R Longrich
High Diversity of of Small Dinosaurs Preceding the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) Mass Extinction
Philip D Mannion et al
Spatiotemporal patterns in fossil sampling bias and their impact on understanding the evolutionary history of terrestrial crocodylomorphs
Ryan Marek et al
Grabbing evolution by the throat: functional regionalisation of the avian cervical column
Elizabeth Martin-Silverstone
Pterosaur wing bone geometry and its relationship to pneumaticity and palaeoecology
Jorge Mondar Fernndez
New onychodontid (Osteichthyes ; Sarcopterygii) remains from the Middle Devonian of Morocco
Philip J R Morris et al
The Biomechanical Significance of the Rodent Mandibular Incisor “Root” – A Finite Element Analysis Study
Thomas O’Mahoney et al
A virtual reconstruction and volumetric mass estimate of AL288-1, Australopithecus afarensis
Elsa Panciroli et al
The dentary of Wareolestes rex and new fossil mammal material from the Middle Jurassic of Skye, Scotland
Emma Randle & Robert S Sansom
A novel phylogeny for the Heterostraci: evolutionary relationships of extinct jawless vertebrates on the gnathostome stem
Aime H Rankin & Robert J Asher
Morphological data partitioning and phylogenetic signal in rodents.
Emily J Rayfield et al
How do mechanical loads influence cranial shape and function during development?
Robert S Sansom & Matthew Wills
Differences between hard and soft data in phylogenetic analyses
Francesco Santini
Testing adaptive radiation scenarios in marine fishes by combining phylogenomic and paleobiological data
Roland B. Sookias
Improving morphological character choice in phylogenetic inference - data from modern crocodilians
David M Unwin
The complicated and surprisingly early origin of the pterodactyloid bauplan
Pernille Venø Troelsen & Peter L. Falkingham
Range of motion and hydrodynamic implications of the long-neck in plesiosaurs.
Mark P Witton et al
Glide analysis and bone strength tests indicate powered flight capabilities in hatchling pterosaurs
SVPCA - Plenary Talk
Daniel J. Field
Macroevolutionary patterns in Avialae: birdwatching through geological time
Anjali Goswami
The macroevolutionary consequences of phenotypic integration: from development to deep time
Jason Head
The future of the past: Integrating fossil and extant anatomy with developmental data to infer vertebrate macroevolution.
Tom S Kemp
Anagenesis: the neglected half of macroevolution
Graeme T Lloyd
Journeying through discrete character morphospaces: synthesising tempo, disparity, and phylogeny
Catalina Pimiento et al
The Pliocene marine megafauna extinction and its impact on functional diversity
Lauren Sallan
Mass Extinction, Recovery, and the Assembly of Biodiversity in Fishes
SVPCA - Poster
Eduardo Ascarrunz & Walter G Joyce
A revision of the morphology and systematics of geoemydids (Testudines: Cryptodira) from the Messel Pit quarry
Attila Ősi & Jonatán Rudolf
Systematics of Late Cretaceous European ankylosaurs: the importance of the dermal armour
Leah Callender-Crowe & Robert S Sansom
Evaluating the Performance of Morphological Partitions in Recovering Avian Evolutionary History
Amy Campbell
The Anatomy and Relationships of Eucamerotus foxi (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the early Cretaceous of England
Sally Collins et al
Tooth damage, loss and replacement in Pycnodont fishes.
Lene Liebe Delsett et al
New data on the ophthalmosaurid basicranium
Paige dePolo et al
Deltapodus footprints provide evidence of stegosaurs on Isle of Skye (Scotland, UK) in the Middle Jurassic
Madeleine Geiger & Robert J Asher
Correlates of mammalian tooth eruption patterns
Josh Hedge et al
Bernd Herkner
Luke 23:34 – Do we know what we are doing?
Jennifer (JJ) Hill et al
Evolution of lower jaw shape disparity in pisciform gnathostomes
Ally Irwin
Palaeopathological Trends in Jurassic Marine Reptiles
Kotaro Ishikawa & Tomohiko HORI
Identification of small carnivore fossils using brain endocasts
Christine M. Janis
Ecometrics and macroevolutionary patterns in Cenozoic mammals: horse teeth and dog elbows
Carolina Karoullas & Robert Nudds
The Applicability of Aerodynamic Power Curves to Fossil Avians
Nigel R Larkin & Steven Dey
Recording the uncollectable with low cost low tech: successful photogrammetry in the field using a mobile phone to create digital 3D models.
Dean R Lomax
An unusual ichthyosaur composite: An ‘iffyosaur’ comprising British and German material of different geological stages
Sophie Macaulay et al
A quantitative evaluation of physical and digital approaches to centre of mass estimation
Martin Munt et al
New spinosaurid dinosaur finds from the Wessex Formation (Wealden Group, Early Cretaceous) of the Isle of Wight
Darren Naish
Reviewing the Vertebrate Fossil Record
Spyridoula Pappa et al
Elephant dung, chewed antlers, weathered bones: documenting a unique taphonomic collection.
Stuart Pond
The most complete ankylosaur skull ever found in the Wessex Sub-basin (Lower Cretaceous) of the Isle of Wight.
Jonathan Rio & Philip D Mannion
Applying the fossil record of Crocodylia to assess extinction risk today
Aubrey Jane Roberts et al
The Early Triassic bone beds of Spitsbergen – marine ecosystem recovery after the P/T extinction event
Christina Shears-Ozeki
Bored bones from the terrestrial mid Cretaceous Kem-Kem beds of south east Morocco
Timothy R. Smithson et al
A new Mississippian tetrapod from Fife, Scotland, and its environmental context.
Max Stockdale & Michael J Benton
Temperature and variable rates of Crocodylomorph body size evolution
Michael P Taylor & Mathew J Wedel
A unique Morrison-Formation sauropod specimen with biconcave dorsal vertebrae
Mathew J Wedel et al
Growth series of one: case studies in time-transgressive morphology