A J Charig A R I Cruickshank A W Gentry A Kitchener A McCabe A L Panchen A D Wright B G Gardiner B Noddle A C Milner C Patterson D S Brown D B Norman D Palmer D Russell D Sigogneeau-Russell D Unwin E Buffetaut E F Freeman F Mussett G Dickson G M King H Gee H Tong J A Clack J Hopson J -J Jaeger J Martin J -M Mazin L B Halstead A R Milner M J Benton M A Rowlands N Court N Fraser N Monaghan P Ahlberg P M Butler P S Doughty P Dullemeijer P M Ferguson P Spencer R Clack R P S Jefferies R E H Reid R J G Savage S M Andrews S Banerjee S E Evans S A Gay S Wood T Gale T S Kemp T Suzuki V T Young W A Clemens
SVPCA Group Group Photo - 1986

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Thanks to the foresight of John Martin, a legend identifying all the people on this photograph was saved with the original.