Derby 1997
10:30 Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & David M MartillAnother big flying machine View
10:50 David M UnwinHind limb flinction in pterosaurs View
11:10 Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & David M MartillPterosaurs, head crests and impossible aeronauts View
11:30 Michael FastnachtThe occurrence of Coloborhynchus (Pterosauria) View
11:50 Jean-Michel MazinThe Pterosaur beach' of Crayssac (Southern France) New data about an unexpected diversity View
Chair: Leslie NoĂ©  
12:10 Plenary session: SPPC/SVPCA - The way forward into the next century
12:40 Lunch
Chair: Dr Eberhard 'Dino' Frey  
14:10 Eric BuffetautIguanodontid remains from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand View
14:30 David B NormanEvolution of iguanodontid ornithopods and the origin of hadrosaurs View
14:50 Eric BuffetautHadrosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of the Adriatic coast near Trieste, Italy View
15:10 Refreshments :Examination of posters and exhibits
Chair: Dr Arthur Cruickshank  
15:30 Paul UpchurchPhylogenetic relationships of sauropod dinosaurs View
15:50 Kent A StevensGetting it straight Reconstructing the necks of Diplodocid dinosaurs View
16:10 Paul M BarrettDinosaur dental microwear; using the very small to describe the very large View
16:30 Joanna WrightNew dinosaur footprint site in the Purbeck Limestone Group, Dorset View
16:50 Session ends
20:00 Symposium Dinner
Friday 12th September
Chair: Dr Michael Benton  
9:10 Gordon BellEvidence of intraspecific competition among Mosasaurus conodon from South Dakota View
9:30 Fabiola BarahonaSubfossil Lacertid lizards from the Canary Islands View
9:50 Susan E Evans & Makoto ManabeFossil reptiles from the Early Cretaceous Tetori Group, of Japan View
10:10 Refreshments :Viewing of auction items
10:30 45th SVPCA Auction. :Sale of reprints, models and VP memorabilia, in aid of the Jones-Fenleigh Memorial Fund.
Auctioneer: David Brown
Chair: Dr Sue Evans  
11:50 Bryony GreenPalaeogene lizards from the Hampshire Basin - the final chapter? View
12:10 Garth UnderwoodBurrowing asps and arteries View
12:30 Caroline NorthwoodCoprolites from the Early Triassic Arcadia formation Queensland, Australia View
12:50 Lunch
Chair: Prof Percy Butler  
14:10 Paul G DavisEarly birds catch the worm; the Mesozoic birds of East Asia View
14:30 Marcel van TuinenRatite phylogeny and biogeography; fossils, anatomy and molecules View
14:50 Stephane PeignéSome new materials of Feliformia (Mammalia, Carnivoria) from the Quercy fissures, France View
15:10 Refreshments
Chair: Prof Bob Savage  
15:30 Gilles CunyEnamel ultrastructure of Rhaetic isolated teeth View
15:50 Richard ForrestHow to build a Plesiosaur View
16:10 Liz CookTaphonomy of a Lower Cretaceous Vertebrate Assemblage from Japan View
16:30 Ian JenkinsFinite element analysis Anatomy for the 21St Century View
16:50 Christopher J DuffinSaturdays field excursion, an overview View
17:00 Symposium ends


Monday 8th September
12:00-14:00 Registration (SPPC)
13:00-14:00 Refreshments
Chair: Eberhard ('Dino') Frey  
14:00-14:10 Welcome by Dr Don Smith, University of Derby, symposium notices
14:10-16:30 Workshop :Model making for the next Millennium. Discussion and demonstration of techniques
16:00-18:00 Registration
18:30 SPPC Meal :Followed by an informal social evening in a local hostelry


Tuesday 9th September
10:00-11:00 Registration (SPPC)
Chair: John Martin  
10:30 Symposium notices
10:40 Susanne HenßenVideo and talk - the appeal of reproductions View
11:10 Workshop :Moulding and Casting; problematic areas. Discussion and practical demonstrations of the problems and solutions related to fragile, salty or moist casting conditions
13:00-14:00 Refreshments and lunch
Chair: William Lindsay  
14:40 Susanne HenßenScymnognathus how a disarranged skeleton can be a 3D model View
15:00 Steve EtchesCollecting problems in the Kimmeridge Clay View
15:20 Michaela ForthuberModelling a damselfly at a scale of 201 View
15:40 Refreshments :Viewing of posters and exhibits
16:00 William LindsayCracking up View
16:20 Glenys WassBuilding a conservation database View
16:40 Daniel PembertonSetting up a collections database, the pros and cons of DIY View
17:00 Close of Symposium
17:00-19:00 Registration
19:00 Onwards Expedition Extravaganza. :Exciting tales of vertebrate fossil discoveries, shared in the friendly atmosphere of one of Derby's historic public houses, the Peacock on Old Nottingham Road
Eric BuffetautThe delights of Thailand, fossils and much more! View
Wednesday 10th September
9:10 Welcome :Dr John Thomas, Acting Dean, School of Environmental and Applied Sciences, University of Derby
Chair: Dr Angela Milner  
9:20 Richard P S JefferiesThe phylogenetic separation between chordates and echinoderms View
9:50 Henry GeeThe Romer's return - the theory of the somatico-visceral animal View
10:10 Michel MartinA lesson in nomenclature the type of Ceratodus phillipsi Agassiz View
10:30 Refreshments :Examination of posters and exhibits
Chair: Dr Richard Jefferies  
10:50 Alex RitchieA new phyllolepid (Arthrodira) from the Late Middle Devonian of New South Wales, Australia View
11:10 Per Erik AhlbergA primitive rhizodont from Australia View
11:30 Jonathan E JefferyRhizodonts; big dead fish View
11:50 Rebecca HitchinAcentropizorus and the origination of neopterygians View
12:10 45th SVPCA Group Photograph
12:30 Lunch
Chair: Dr Eric Buffetaut  
14:10 Tim SmithsonWhen amphibians learned to walk with their ears View
14:30 Jennifer A ClackA new taxon from the Visean of East Kirkton - reuniting long-lost relatives? View
14:50 Ian JenkinsThe evolution of sabre-toothed carnivory in the Permian: a functional approach View
15:10 Gillian M KingThe 'Triassic' fossil Lystrosaurus from the Permian of Zambia View
15:30 Refreshments :Examination of posters and exhibits
Chair: Dr David Norman  
15:50 Michael J BentonScleromochlus, and the radiation of derived archosaurs View
16:10 Oliver W RauhutThe cranial anatomy and systematic position of Shuvosaurus, an unusual archosaur from the Upper Triassic of Texas View
16:30 Eberhard ‘Dino’ Frey & Steve SalisburyCrocs, jam jars and evolutionary processes View
16:50 Session ends
19:15for19:30 Civic Reception by his Worship the Mayor and the Lady Mayoress at the Derby City Museum and Art Gallery
20:00 Derby Museum: Buffet Reception
Thursday 11th September
Chair: Dr David Brown  
9:10 Arthur R I CruickshankSouthern Hemisphere Plesiosaurs View
9:30 Richard ForrestAn Elasmosaur (?) from the Hettangian (?) of Nottinghamshire View
9:50 Leslie F NoéReinterpretation of the dental morphology of the Oxford Clay Pliosaurs and the implications for their classification View
10:10 Refreshments :Examination of posters and exhibits
Chair: Dr Andrew Milner  

Derby 1997

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