The Unoffical SVPCA T-Shirt
...which perhaps encapsulates the spirit of the meeting better than the official ones ...

Image by Bob Nicholls (and the brief to drawn a drunken plesiosaur has been the most unusual of his career), graphic design by Ann Forrest

Two shirts signed by the artist were offered as auction items at the 2014 meeting and raised £85 between them. In response to popular demand I'm having more printed which will sell for £16 each, with any surplus going towards the Jones-Fenleigh Fund. The contribution will be at least £5 per shirt, possibly more if there is a decent demand.

If you want one, contact me ([email protected]) and I can figure out how many to order. Sizes, as seems always to be the case, are a bit vague but the medium TShirt fits me (and I'm a little below average height and a little above average chubiness for a man ), the large fits Bob Nicholls who is a bit beefier.

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