Dublin 2008
2nd - 6th September 2008

The Auction

The Jones Fenleigh Fund auction raised 873 euro to support participation at next years Bristol meetings. This is an excellent result given the relatively low attendance for the meeting

Historical Biology

The journal Historical Biology (Taylor and Francis) is available as an outlet for papers resulting from this years symposia. Please do consider submitting something before the end of the year for potential publication in late 2009. If enough submissions come in then we will produce a special volume. If you would like further information about this journal, it's editorial board or instructions for authors please contact Gareth Dyke.


T-shirts commemorating this years SVPCA symposia are available for the one-off bargain price of 16 euro. If you would like one please arrange payment and contact Gareth with your size - these will then be mailed to you from Dublin.


The main meeting location was the National Museum's Archaeology and History Museum on Kildare Street, Dublin

Host Committee

  • Gareth Dyke - University College Dublin

  • Nigel Monaghan - National Museum of Ireland (Natural History)

  • Matthew Parkes - National Museum of Ireland (Natural History)

Dublin 2008