Cambridge 1982
20th - 23rd September 1982

Organised by

Dr E.M. Northcote
Dr A.E. Friday,
University Museum of Zoology,
Downing Street,
Cambridge, U.K.

From Mike Coates: (email 16/5/2006)

In the drive for complete accuracy, I felt that I should let you know that I attended the 1982 meeting in Cambridge. It was my baptism of morphological detail.

  1. It was at Sydney (spelling?) Sussex College, and they did that funny routine with the curtains around Ollie Cromwell's portrait as they toasted the royals.

  2. Dave Norman had hair.

  3. John Long and Karen Lowney instructed me in the ways of dead fish.

  4. I received my (sacred & revered) copy of Joysey & Kemp: Studies in vertebrate evolution.

Cambridge 1982