The SVPCA 2000 was held at the University of Portsmouth, somewhat earlier than previous years due to the early start of the teaching semester and the availability of accommodation prior to the start of the academic year.


Dr David M. Martill
Dr Michael Barker
Robert Loveridge
School of Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences
University of Portsmouth

Helped by:

Lorna Steel
Darren Naish
Stig Walsh
Julian Hume
Roger Pulley
Jackie Auckland-Jones
Nikki Philips
Janet Woodford
Julian Hulme

Special thanks go to the following:

Ruth Pearson for her help with activities in the Portland Builing
Staff of the University of Portsmouth Conference Office for their help
Dr David Hughes for use of the facilites in the School of Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences
The University's Printing and Photographic Services for help with the production of the programme and abstracts.

Portsmouth 2000