West Runton

West Runton near Cromer on the north Norfolk coast is the type locality of the Middle Pleistocene Cromerian Stage (~600ka), an interglacial period pre-dating the main glacial succession of southern Britain. It forms part of the famous 'Cromer Forest-bed Formation' studied by many early geologists (e.g. Charles Lyell) and by generations of others. The coastal exposures have yielded over 45 species of mammal (about half of which are extinct), as well as several species of fish, amphibian and birds.

Those interested in the West Runton fieldtrip are asked to meet in front of the Zoology Museum (http://www.museum.zoo.cam.ac.uk/visit.us/getting.here/) at 9am sharp. Those of you who have registered for this field trip will be welcome in our two private cars, for which we'll need just £5 per person to cover costs. There should be a local pub available on the day for lunch, costs for which are extra. We plan to leave the site at about 4pm and return to the Zoology Museum around 6pm.

(courtesy of Richard Preece)

Oxford Clay

Depart: Cambridge 9:30 am
Lunch: Falcon Inn, Whittlesea
Arrive: Cambridge approx. 4:00 pm

Cambridge 2010